Woman Motorcyclist

Are Women Safer Riders Than Men?

WOMEN HAVE BEEN RIDING MOTORCYCLES FOR A LONG TIME. But in the last decade or two, I have observed many more female riders on the road than I had observed in earlier decades. And that’s not only here in California, but also on roads across North America. But what I haven’t observed are crazy female[…]

Motorcycle Air Filter

Air Filters that Suck

GOOD AIR FILTERS SUCK THE MOST. You don’t need to be a mechanic to respect the necessity for a clean air filter to remove dirt before it gets into your motorcycle engine’s cylinders. If small airborne particles, including dirt, dust, bugs and your significant other’s frayed denim can find its way into your engine, such[…]

Old Motorcycle Man

How Old Is “Too Old” To Ride A Motorcycle?

HE SAID HE WAS TOO OLD TO RIDE.  So, now, he and his wife were traveling on a trike.  We met at a gas station and talked for a while, before we each headed back out on the road in different directions as part of our separate multi-day rides and they sure looked like they[…]

Motorcycle Stupidity

Youthful Exuberance (and Stupidity)

IN A FAIR WORLD WE’D HAVE JUST LAWS, HONEST POLITICIANS, NO WARS AND I’D ALREADY BE DEAD. I admire new motorcycle riders. It reminds me of the exuberance that infected me about motorized two-wheeled vehicles before I was a teenager. I can’t help but smile when I think of that era, which seems like another[…]

Motorcycle Intelligence

New MotorcycleIntelligence.com Launched

May 17, 2015: I HATE IT WHEN WEBSITES CHANGE!  Well, actually, that’s a strong statement.  Personally, I don’t hate it when websites get updated, but I’m not usually overjoyed.  However, I have heard from a number of other people in the past who want me to know that THEY hate it when websites change! Anyway,[…]

Purple Motorcycle Chaps

Motorcycle Chaps (Purple, or Otherwise)

DO YOU WEAR PURPLE MOTORCYCLE CHAPS? In the biker community, particularly among cruisers, not everyone can pull off this color with grace and dignity, especially if they should be desiring to reflect the most traditional of motorcycle fashions.  As a side note, it could be argued that even though women have been riding motorcycles for[…]

Dead Biker Riding

Dead Biker Riding (Video)

HOW DO YOU, PERSONALLY, DEAL WITH THE RISKS OF MOTORCYCLE RIDING? Do you think it’s bad karma to talk about motorcycle crashes? Do you even contemplate the possibility that you might get killed riding? Or do you simply not think about it at all? Yes, I have my own opinions on the matter, as you[…]

Motorcycle Group

Group Motorcycle Riding – Benefit or Burden? (Video)

OVER THE YEARS I’VE DEVELOPED MIXED FEELINGS ABOUT GROUP RIDING. Although most of my weekend excursions and long-distance tours have been on one bike (with and without a passenger), I’ve enjoyed a number of trips with a second bike/rider and sometimes a total of three (such as this weekend in Death Valley National Park –[…]

Stereotypical Biker

Are You A Stereotypical Motorcyclist?

MOTORCYCLISTS ARE A MINORITY ON THE ROAD.  And amongst the majority of motorists who view motorcycles from inside their cars, there seems to be a few stereotypes accorded those of us on two wheels.  What stereotypes have you been labeled? But first, let’s visit the dictionary. Stereotype from the American Heritage Dictionary is defined as[…]