Motorcycle Show

Are Motorcycle Shows for You? (Video)

DO YOU ATTEND MOTORCYCLE SHOWS?  WHY OR WHY NOT?  (Scroll down to “Leave a Reply.”) Personally, for many years, I did “not” go to motorcycle shows or events.  I wouldn’t say that I was opposed to them, or that I wouldn’t even have been interested if I somehow managed to find myself at one.  It’s[…]

Motorcycle Group

Group Motorcycle Riding – Benefit or Burden? (Video)

OVER THE YEARS I’VE DEVELOPED MIXED FEELINGS ABOUT GROUP RIDING. Although most of my weekend excursions and long-distance tours have been on one bike (with and without a passenger), I’ve enjoyed a number of trips with a second bike/rider and sometimes a total of three (such as this weekend in Death Valley National Park –[…]