2008 Kawasaki Concours

Kawasaki Concours14: “Motorcycle of the Year”

It’s been about a year since the completely new Kawasaki Concours14 (4 cylinder, 1400cc) was released to the public for the first time — if it seems to you it’s been longer than that, it’s because it was “announced” in 2006. So how has this Concours14 been received in its first year? To be concise: Read more about Kawasaki Concours14: “Motorcycle of the Year”[…]

KTM Supermoto 950

KTM Supermoto 950: Ultimate Power-Playbike

QUESTION: What do you get when you cross a motocross bike and road racer? ANSWER: Supermoto (or Supermotard). These bikes were developed for supermoto racetracks that typically include about 2/3 tarmac and 1/3 dirt with small jumps. By adding headlights, taillights, horn, mirrors and street-legal tires, manufactures started selling these bikes in Europe in the Read more about KTM Supermoto 950: Ultimate Power-Playbike[…]

MV Augusta F4CC

MV Augusta F4CC: Most Expensive Production Motorcycle

What would you build for yourself and a few friends if you ran a motorcycle manufacturing facility? If you were Claudio Castiglioni, Managing Director of Italian manufacturer MV Augusta, think in terms of speed, exotic components, more speed, and lots and lots of carbon fiber. The end product? An MV Augusta F4CC — 90 percent Read more about MV Augusta F4CC: Most Expensive Production Motorcycle[…]

2008 KLR 650

Kawasaki KLR 650: Ultimate Utilitarian Beast of Burden

I’ve been a fan of the Kawasaki KLR 650 for a loooong time. The 2008 model boasts its most significant upgrades since first being introduced in 1987. The bike is uniquely famous as an all-around, reliable beast-of-burden for taking you and stuff along either pavement and/or off-road adventures. As is the norm for any dual-purpose Read more about Kawasaki KLR 650: Ultimate Utilitarian Beast of Burden[…]

Motorcycle Shaft Drive

Kawasaki Concours14: Transcontinental Supersport Tourer

The first print ads are out for the brand new, 1400cc, Kawasaki Concours14. And…the bikes themsleves are finally in the dealerships as of the first week of July. (According to my local Kawasaki dealer, the launch date has been delayed numerous times). You can see the ads in the August 2007 issues of bike mags Read more about Kawasaki Concours14: Transcontinental Supersport Tourer[…]

Suzuki GSX 1300

Kawasaki ZX14 vs. Suzuki GSX1300 Hyabusa

Smooth. Introduced in March 2006, the Kawasaki ZX-14 Ninja is that and more. More power that is. Arguably the world’s fastest superbike, taking the title that Suzuki’s GSX1300 Hyabusa has held since 1999. Of course the original 1999 Busa was also faster than any of its later brethren, since ’99 preceded the Japanese manufacturer’s “Gentleman’s Read more about Kawasaki ZX14 vs. Suzuki GSX1300 Hyabusa[…]