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Motorcycle Safety (Boring)

Motorcycle safety can be boring to some riders but it is all about more riding enjoyment. You may, or may not, define that enjoyment as freedom, relaxation, exhilaration, or perhaps simply as “undefinable.” But what about the risks of motorcycle riding? The fact is, you can get hurt or killed riding a motorcycle. According to Read more about Motorcycle Safety (Boring)[…]

Motorcycle Saddlebags

Compare and Review Motorcycle Saddlebags

INCREASE YOUR LUGGAGE CAPACITY AND HEAD OUT ON THE HIGHWAY. Motorcycle saddlebags represent the easiest way to increase your bike’s storage capacity. Tankbags (that sit on your gas tank) are even easier to add and remove, but most do not have the storage capacity of saddle bags. (However, there are some tankbags that are HUGE). Read more about Compare and Review Motorcycle Saddlebags[…]

Purple Motorcycle Chaps

Motorcycle Chaps (Purple, or Otherwise)

DO YOU WEAR PURPLE MOTORCYCLE CHAPS? In the biker community, particularly among cruisers, not everyone can pull off this color with grace and dignity, especially if they should be desiring to reflect the most traditional of motorcycle fashions.  As a side note, it could be argued that even though women have been riding motorcycles for Read more about Motorcycle Chaps (Purple, or Otherwise)[…]

Motorcycle Fashion Show

Motorcycle Fashion Show? (Video)

DO WE NEED MOTORCYCLE FASHION SHOWS? I’ve been going to the annual Long Beach Motorcycle Expo for many years. The weekend event draws tens of thousands of visitors from from all over Southern California to see the latest bikes and gear. Of particular note for this stop of the U.S. Expo Tour are the demonstration Read more about Motorcycle Fashion Show? (Video)[…]


How Secure Is Your Motorcycle and Gear From Theft?

LOSING A MOTORCYCLE TO THEFT DOES NOT MAKE A PLEASANT MEMORY. I’ve had one bike stolen. It was about 1985 and it was locked to a street-light pole with a heavy chain outside my apartment in Boston. In fact, it was secured with a really heavy chain and a big lock. However, it was no Read more about How Secure Is Your Motorcycle and Gear From Theft?[…]

Motorcycle Gifts

Motorcycle Gifts for Men and Women

GOOD GIFTS. BAD GIFTS. OFFBEAT GIFTS. MOTORCYCLE GIFTS. Motorcycle apparel, parts and accessories for men, women and children. Heck, there’s motorbike gifts for adventure riders, cruisers, dirtbike riders, dual-purpose riders, luxury-touring riders, sportbike enthusiasts, sport-touring riders, vintage motorcyclists and anyone else who is interested in two-wheeled, motorized vehicles. Check out motorcycle helmets, jackets, boots, gloves Read more about Motorcycle Gifts for Men and Women[…]

motorcycle malady

Biker Malady #1: Is There a Fix?

BIKERS MAY BE ACCUSED OF MANY THINGS, some true and some not, but for a number of riders, there is no escaping the accusation of being addicted to motorbikes. Can that get out of control? Although it’s hard to imagine “riding too much” becoming problematic, how about a malady that can be as visible as Read more about Biker Malady #1: Is There a Fix?[…]

Mens Biker Boot

Tips on Selecting the Best Motorcycle Boots

THE BEST BOOTS FOR MOTORCYCLE FEET. No one needs to tell you that motorcycle boots protect your feet. And even if you don’t ever plan on crashing, your feet are in regular contact with the ground, including every time you stop.  In the process, your feet can become acquainted with curbs, grime, spilled oil, branches, Read more about Tips on Selecting the Best Motorcycle Boots[…]

Motorcycle Battery

Motorcycle Battery Tips For the Non-Mechanic

THREE POINTS OF PROPER MOTORCYCLE BATTERY MAINTENANCE. I love riding motorcycles. I cannot say I “love” motorcycle maintenance. Although I have done quite a lot of bike maintenance in the past, including the basics, like changing tires, changing oil, replacing spark plugs, and air filters. I’ve also done electrical work and even replaced pistons and Read more about Motorcycle Battery Tips For the Non-Mechanic[…]

Rain Riding

Motorcycle Rain Riding: What to Wear

Rain RidingTHE BEST PART ABOUT RIDING IN THE RAIN: Having ridden through every imaginable type of rain condition all over North America, I consider the best part about rain riding to be that period for about an hour after the rain stops, when everything is wet and clean. Sort of like Mother Nature getting out of the shower, reinvigorated to take on life.

Of course, that perspective can be influenced by other factors, including the temperature, and how windy it might be, but there is something uniquely refreshing about riding through rain and continuing to ride after the rain stops….


Motorcycle riding in the rain isn’t for everyone. Some riders are so concerned about avoiding rain, that they may avoid riding if there exists even a remote possibility of rain in the forecast.

And of course, they would also miss many fine riding opportunities, regardless of whether it rained or not.

Others ride every day, in good or bad weather. (Heck, some riders even brave the snow! Which is another subject altogether).

If you are a rider who ventures out of town for overnight excursions or longer, you need to be prepared for rain.

And if you are a rider who commutes to work, regardless of rain, you will absolutely encounter wet weather – and at times, LOTS of it.

In brief, whether you are on a cross-country tour, or heading to work on Monday morning – if it’s raining – the main things that you need to accomplish are staying warm and dry while riding with a higher level of safety awareness.

Let’s take a look at our options for staying dry during wet-weather motorcycle riding, from head to toe…. […]

Motorcycle Gifts

WHACKY ADVICE ON GIFTS “NOT” TO GET. Think you’ve seen a large selection of motorcycle related gifts and stuff for every imaginable biker?? Prepare yourself for a HUGE selection of biker gloves, helmets, boots, tires and jackets, as well as every kind of motorcycle apparel and even unique, specialty items for motorcyclists. Whether you need Read more about[…]

Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle Riding Gloves: How Many Are Too Many?

Do you have more riding gloves than might make sense to a casual observer? If you are a season rider, you’ve probably got a few pairs to select from, when you crank over your bike’s motor. Some gloves are easy to justify:  Motorcycle gloves for hot weather.  Riding gloves for cool weather.  Different gloves for Read more about Motorcycle Riding Gloves: How Many Are Too Many?[…]