Motorcycle Touring Tips

Motorcycle Touring Tips and Suggestions

WHAT ARE YOUR MOTORCYCLE TOURING SUGGESTIONS? A friend of mine just bought a new motorcycle (he’s been riding off and on for many years) and will be taking a trip with his wife and asked my advice regarding motorcycle security on the road; best gear for touring through mountains with variable temperatures and unpredictable rain; Read more about Motorcycle Touring Tips and Suggestions[…]

Motorcycle Life Death

Motorcycle Riding on the Razor Edge of Life and Death

EVERY MOTORCYCLE RIDERS HAS HAD CLOSE CALLS. Which of yours were so close that you were in disbelief that a tragedy simply failed to materialize when it should have? (Write your experience below). The events that have really been on the edge of life and death for me, are some of my most vivid recollections. Read more about Motorcycle Riding on the Razor Edge of Life and Death[…]

Front Motorcycle Bake

Should You Use That Front Brake Lever?

SPEAKING WITH NEWBIES ABOUT STOPPING MOTORCYCLES. I was at one of the local motorcycle dealers this week. As I was walking around the large showroom, I happened to pass by a sales person while he was pointing out the motorcycle controls to a potential customer, “…and this is the front brake lever…” But before he Read more about Should You Use That Front Brake Lever?[…]

Motorcycle Riders

We Don’t Need More Motorcycle Riders

“HOW COME YOU RIDE A MOTORCYCLE?” How many times have you been asked that question? Or, the more direct one that will be asked is, “Aren’t motorcycles dangerous?” I will often reply, “Of course motorcycles are dangerous. And that’s why they are not for everyone.” If the person is actually interested in taking the discussion Read more about We Don’t Need More Motorcycle Riders[…]

Distance Riding

“Rookie Mistakes” for Touring Riders

CONFESSIONS OF A VETERAN ROOKIE: Fred Rau is one of my favorite motorcycle writers and I enjoy reading whatever he has to say every month. Over the decades, his words have been all over the moto mags so you have likely read him, as well. In and old issue of Motorcycle Consumer News (March 2009), Read more about “Rookie Mistakes” for Touring Riders[…]

Old Map

Motorbike Maps, GPS and Columbus

CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS AND OLD-FASHIONED MAPS: Maps for motorcycle adventurers have come a long way since I was a kid back in the days of that famous Italian, Christopher Columbus. There certainly wasn’t any GPS for motorbikes back then. Heck, there wasn’t even widespread consent that the earth was round. (At least the maps were flat). Read more about Motorbike Maps, GPS and Columbus[…]


Nitrogen-Filled Motorcycle Tires?

THE CONTROVERSY OVER NITROGEN-FILLED MOTORCYCLE TIRES: Does nitrogen help the performance of our motorcycle tires? Or is at unnecessary expense? Filling motorcycle tires with nitrogen (instead of air) has been a controversial subject for a number of years now with members of various motorcycle forums touting either its benefits, or conversely, the view that its Read more about Nitrogen-Filled Motorcycle Tires?[…]

Invisible Rider

The Invisible Motorcyclist to the Rescue!

There are times when I really do wish I were an invisible rider: particularly during those instants of startled realization that my speedometer is indicating the wrong enjoyment factor at the wrong time – at least relative to some long-gone road engineer or lawmaker who determined the speed limit. However, regardless of how invisible we Read more about The Invisible Motorcyclist to the Rescue![…]

Motorcycle Survival

Motorcycle Survival in 3 Seconds

There are lots of different motorcycles. And at the rate manufacturers keep developing bikes for more and more and narrower niches, it won’t be too long before you’ll need to hire a consultant just to figure out whether you are best suited on a cruiser, dual-purpose, sport bike, tourer, sport tourer, standard, dirt bike, super Read more about Motorcycle Survival in 3 Seconds[…]

Hot Weather Riding

Hot Weather Survival Tactics for Motorcyclists

Whether you describe “Hot Weather” as 80 degrees or 110 degrees, if you are riding for several hours in heated temperatures, the main thing to prevent is also the most obvious: DEHYDRATION.  Dehydration is excessive loss of water from the body. Motorcyclists should not think too lightly of this malady.  Dehydration can lead to a Read more about Hot Weather Survival Tactics for Motorcyclists[…]

Motorbike Camping

Motorcycle Camping (Is it for you?)

Motorcycle camping isn’t for everyone. But if you love to ride and you love the outdoors, it might be an experience worth trying. Lots of motorcyclists do enjoy the combination of riding and camping, but for this simple message, I want to speak to those riders who haven’t. The term “camping” can be ambiguous, since Read more about Motorcycle Camping (Is it for you?)[…]

Fred Rau

Fred Rau: Loooong-Time Moto Journalist

Fred Rau was hanging out at the Friction Zone (magazine) booth at the IMS show last month in Long Beach, CA. I yapped with him for a short spell about his motorcycle writing. I’ve been enjoying his articles for many years in Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN), where Fred served as the Editor, and later, Senior Read more about Fred Rau: Loooong-Time Moto Journalist[…]

Motorcycle Tires, Car Tires

Motorcycle Tires vs. Car Tires

Beware! If you are here to celebrate the religion of motorcycle tires and their infinite nuances, which are most appreciated by the high priests of motorcycle high-performance, you are in the wrong place. And if you are seeking insights into the dark side of the motorcycle tire religion, those whom swear to the efficacy of Read more about Motorcycle Tires vs. Car Tires[…]

Motorcycle Satisfaction

Motorcycle Brand Loyalty: Riding a High

If you like to brag about your favorite motorcycle, you probably already know you are not alone! Especially if you have gotten into any number of passionate “discussions” about which make is best. According to the J.D. Power and Associates 2007 Motorcycle Competitive Information Study, motorcycle owners are strong advocates of their favorite bike manufacturer, Read more about Motorcycle Brand Loyalty: Riding a High[…]