Ride Alertly

Ride Alertly

Riding can be great fun on one end of an emotional spectrum and perhaps too relaxing on the other end of the same spectrum. And in between, a whole lot of different emotions can be experienced, as well. Regardless of whether we are riding in the city, or on a deserted country road, constant alertness Read more about Ride Alertly[…]

Tire Pressure Check

Alternative Air Pressure Monitoring Methods for Your Motorcycle

Or, stated differently, how low is your tire pressure right now? HEY! I know you’re busy. You’ve got this and that and all the more to do. And on top of that, you’re running late…again! So, who has time to check air pressure? Besides, those darn valves on your motorcycle tires are a pain in Read more about Alternative Air Pressure Monitoring Methods for Your Motorcycle[…]

Love Ride Logo

The Love Ride

According to their website, “LOVE RIDE has grown into the largest one-day motorcycle fundraising event in the world. A place where people come to have a good time, while making a difference in the world we live in.” The ride was founded by Glendale Harley owner, Oliver Shokouh, as a way to raise money for Read more about The Love Ride[…]

Mmotorcycle Rider

Motorcycle Video: U.S. Secretary of Transportation on Motorcycle Safety

“Check your bike before each ride” and “Wear all your safety equipment” are two practical pieces of advice in a public service announcement (see below) that features US Secretary of Transportation, Mary E. Peters (served 2006 to 2009 under President George W. Bush), who is also a motorcycle rider. While she was Secretary of Transportation Read more about Motorcycle Video: U.S. Secretary of Transportation on Motorcycle Safety[…]

Old Gas Pumps

Gasoline and Octane: Motorcycle Go-Juice

GASOLINE BY ANY OTHER NAME IS STILL GOOD OLD GO-JUICE: “Gasoline” in America. “Petrol” in Europe. “Benzine” in Scandinavia, Russia, Germany, Israel and Bulgaria. They’re all different terms for that favorite motorcycle go-juice we hose into our tank. Except for a few electric bikes and any other alternative energy two-wheelers that may be in development, Read more about Gasoline and Octane: Motorcycle Go-Juice[…]

Motorcycle Lizard

Motorcycle Lizards Unite! (Part II)

Read Motorcycle Lizards Unite! (PART I) After a little shut-eye, the dark-grey, dawn light outlines a bunch of Gulf Coast trees doing the limbo to the beat of a tropical downpour. Checking in with Mr. Weatherman, he gives us an evil howl, “Yo, Lizard Breath! You ain’t going nowhere!” Regardless, our sleepy lizard-brains calculate that Read more about Motorcycle Lizards Unite! (Part II)[…]

Psychic Motorcyclist

Psychic Motorcyclist

Are you a psychic motorcycle rider? I bet you already are…or can and will be…if you ride enough. Since the term “psychic” is one of those words in contemporary society that, for some persons, is fraught with opinion, emotion and even fraud, let’s consider a definition as a point of reference. Here’s how the Cambridge Read more about Psychic Motorcyclist[…]