Harley Kills Off The Buell Brand

Buell MotorcyclesAN AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE BRAND GOES AWAY. I’m surprised by today’s news that Harley is killing off Buell Motorcycles.

Buell has offered innovative technology to the motorcycle world since 1993, as a small, American, sportbike manufacturer. Buell even won its first AMA Pro racing championship in September of this year.

Click here for the official word from the Buell website: BUELL CUSTOMER FAQ.

And click the video for a statement from the man whom the company is named after: Erik Buell.

In related news, Harley-Davidson also announced they are selling off their high-end, high-performance, Italian brand, MV Agusta, which Harley acquired just over two year ago, in August of 2008. At least MV Agusta will not likely be going away.

Today, October 15, 2009, is not a good day for the history of motorcycle development.

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