Motorcycle Saddlebags

Compare and Review Motorcycle Saddlebags

INCREASE YOUR LUGGAGE CAPACITY AND HEAD OUT ON THE HIGHWAY. Motorcycle saddlebags represent the easiest way to increase your bike’s storage capacity. Tankbags (that sit on your gas tank) are even easier to add and remove, but most do not have the storage capacity of saddle bags. (However, there are some tankbags that are HUGE). Read more about Compare and Review Motorcycle Saddlebags[…]

Motorcycle Highway

“What’s a Decent Highway Motorcycle?”

“I NEED A MOTORCYCLE THAT CAN HANDLE BIG-ROAD TRAFFIC.” A reader asked me the above question (in the subject line). She has already been riding two other bikes, so this wouldn’t be her first. My answer comprises the rest of this post, but I’d be more interested in your views of how to select a Read more about “What’s a Decent Highway Motorcycle?”[…]

Distance Riding

“Rookie Mistakes” for Touring Riders

CONFESSIONS OF A VETERAN ROOKIE: Fred Rau is one of my favorite motorcycle writers and I enjoy reading whatever he has to say every month. Over the decades, his words have been all over the moto mags so you have likely read him, as well. In and old issue of Motorcycle Consumer News (March 2009), Read more about “Rookie Mistakes” for Touring Riders[…]