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Rider Control When Stopped – or Not (Video)

HOW OFTEN DO YOU DROP YOUR MOTORCYCLE? I don’t mean crash it, although that would certainly be a pertinent answer. In this instance, I simply mean dropping it while you’ve stopped, or while riding very slowly. One example would be pulling up to a stop sign and putting your foot down on some loose sand, Read more about Rider Control When Stopped – or Not (Video)[…]

Motorcycle Fashion Show

Motorcycle Fashion Show? (Video)

DO WE NEED MOTORCYCLE FASHION SHOWS? I’ve been going to the annual Long Beach Motorcycle Expo for many years. The weekend event draws tens of thousands of visitors from from all over Southern California to see the latest bikes and gear. Of particular note for this stop of the U.S. Expo Tour are the demonstration Read more about Motorcycle Fashion Show? (Video)[…]

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Are Old Motorcycles for Old Fogies? (Video)

THE OLDER I GET THE MORE I LIKE OLDER MOTORCYCLES.  And I’m not only talking about the motorbikes that were prominent when I started riding back in the 1970’s.  I’m talking about bikes that go back throughout the 20th century and even back into the 19th century. BUT WHY? Beats me. I’m not a mechanic, Read more about Are Old Motorcycles for Old Fogies? (Video)[…]


Riding Through Big Trees and a Black Bear (Video)

SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK IS AN EXCEPTIONALLY FINE EXPERIENCE ALL BY ITSELF.  However, it is especially suited to motorcyclists as a result of its reasonably well maintained asphalt, lots of curves and great scenery.  It has an added advantage of being in the shadow of its more famous big sister, Yosemite National Park.  On the one Read more about Riding Through Big Trees and a Black Bear (Video)[…]


California Big Sur Coastal Riding and Camping (Video)

WHAT’S BETTER THAN MOTORBIKE RIDING AND CAMPING ALONG THE BIG SUR COASTLINE? Not too much. On the other hand, I’m one for riding and camping anywhere with mountains and lots of twisty roads. No matter, this roller-coaster motorcycle ride is fabulous entertainment on a grand scale. The Pacific Ocean and the jagged, scenic cliffs falling Read more about California Big Sur Coastal Riding and Camping (Video)[…]


Yosemite Riding with MCg and Richard (Video)

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, PARTICULARLY ROUTE 120 (TIOGA ROAD), EPITOMIZES MOTORCYCLE RIDING PLEASURE: as long as you ride early enough in the morning to beat the crowds. Don’t get me wrong. I love Yosemite. But I don’t love how popular this place is. Yosemite, and for that matter, Yellowstone National Park, are crown-jewel motorcycle destinations. But Read more about Yosemite Riding with MCg and Richard (Video)[…]

Moto Guzzi Norge 1200

Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 Review (Video)

The Norge 1200 is the most recent (since 2005) PURPOSE-BUILT “sport-touring” motorcycle offering in our world, brought to us by Italian maker, Moto Guzzi. Side note: Some might argue that the Kawasaki Concours14 is the “newest,” “purpose-built” sport-tourer in the motorcycle world, since it was introduced in July 2007.  But that Concours lineage goes back Read more about Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 Review (Video)[…]

Harley Davidson XR1200 Launch

Harley Davidson XR1200 Unveiled for North America

The North American debut of the new Harley Davidson XR1200 motorcycle was featured at the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, CA, on December 5, 2008. The all-new Harley Davidson XR1200 had its world debut in Europe earlier in 2008. I took the bike out for a test ride and found the upright Read more about Harley Davidson XR1200 Unveiled for North America[…]

Motorbike Camping

Motorcycle Camping (Is it for you?)

Motorcycle camping isn’t for everyone. But if you love to ride and you love the outdoors, it might be an experience worth trying. Lots of motorcyclists do enjoy the combination of riding and camping, but for this simple message, I want to speak to those riders who haven’t. The term “camping” can be ambiguous, since Read more about Motorcycle Camping (Is it for you?)[…]

Motorcycle Tires, Car Tires

Motorcycle Tires vs. Car Tires

Beware! If you are here to celebrate the religion of motorcycle tires and their infinite nuances, which are most appreciated by the high priests of motorcycle high-performance, you are in the wrong place. And if you are seeking insights into the dark side of the motorcycle tire religion, those whom swear to the efficacy of Read more about Motorcycle Tires vs. Car Tires[…]

Rest Stop

This Simplest Component of More Effective Motorcycle Riding

What’s the simplest thing you and I can do, as part of our motorcycle riding, to increase our enjoyment AND safety? Its simplicity belies its value. Take a break. Get off the bike and rest. Taking a break after riding for a while helps us to become more alert when we get back in the Read more about This Simplest Component of More Effective Motorcycle Riding[…]

Mmotorcycle Rider

Motorcycle Video: U.S. Secretary of Transportation on Motorcycle Safety

“Check your bike before each ride” and “Wear all your safety equipment” are two practical pieces of advice in a public service announcement (see below) that features US Secretary of Transportation, Mary E. Peters (served 2006 to 2009 under President George W. Bush), who is also a motorcycle rider. While she was Secretary of Transportation Read more about Motorcycle Video: U.S. Secretary of Transportation on Motorcycle Safety[…]