“What's YOUR Motorcycle Personality?”
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  • Motorcycle Personality TestAre you "obnoxious"?  How about a "liar"?  Any chance you might want to add "stupid" to the equation?  (Or, perhaps none of these apply to you!)

  • On the other hand, would someone describe you as a "hard-core, motorcycle riding fanatic"?

  • Of course, there's all kinds of motorcyclists in the world.  Does the term "inspirationally abnormal" best depict who you really are?

  • Do you know any riders who are "bold, adventurous, spirited, philosophical and experienced in many areas of life"?

  • Hey, you might even be fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to know a rider who is a "mature, intelligent, fact-filled encyclopedia."

There's MUCH more you can learn about yourself in this MOTORCYCLE PERSONALITY TEST.  Regardless of what personal quirks and/or insights this analysis will conjure up for you, the only known cure is to ride more...

NOTE: This TWISTED GRIP MOTORCYCLE PERSONALITY TEST is simply for fun!  If more than one answer seems right for a question, select the one that "best" applies to you. To receive your free analysis, enter your name & email, and click "My Personality."

I am interested in motorcycles because:

I ride motorcycles primarily to:

I think "motorcycle safety" is:

I primarily ride:

Here is what I think about wearing a motorcycle helmet:

The "Best" motorcycles are those that:


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