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The Motorcycle Intelligence community represents a global repository of knowledge and experience from highly skilled riders, as well as humorous and/or offbeat insights from others who are not. If you have some value to contribute to the community, please do. Otherwise, take a peek into the articles and especially the comments after each article (that's where it's at). For the full experience, sign up for the dreaded newsletter. It starts out mellow and then gets whacky. You may not be able to bear it. MOTORCYCLES ONLY NEWSLETTER

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Hey. If today's not your first day on the Internet, you already know there's a lot of different ideas about motorcycles and riding. If your special perspective includes throwing hate on other bikes and riders, there's other websites for you. Here, you will find plenty of folks who think differently than you. And some have more experience and skills than you. But they'll still treat you respectfully as long as you're not an asshole (in which case you'll be deleted, anyway). FIND OUT MORE

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It's the Community...
Irreverent Motorcyle Safety and Stuff

Motorcycle riding is not for everyone.

Sure, it's relaxing, enjoyable and fun.

But, it can also be hot, cold, wet and/or tiring. And of course on any ride you could be killed by some inattentive driver.

Regardless, for many of us, we ride because the experience of living is a lot less when we don't.

Perhaps this community might offer you something to slightly benefit your riding.

Or, maybe you can contribute something to help others. Read More

  • Ignorance is bliss

  • Care now (Or later)

  • It's easy on a bike

  • The circle never ends

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