About MCg

mc-g350 Regardless of your age, or where you are in the world, or what kind of bike you ride, you and I both share an enjoyment of motorcycle riding.

This website started as a way to document some of my experiences and it soon became clear that the “intelligence” of the site was a reflection of the community of global riders who add their tips and suggestions.

Hopefully, you’ll leave a few comments on this website about some of your own riding and things you’ve learned. You may be surprised at how many people might benefit from writing your experience.

I’ve had the good fortune of riding some miles on various motorcycles over the years: several hundred thousand of them. I’ve ridden coast-to-coast a number of times, as well as north-to-south (and vice versa), and lots in between, mostly all over North America.

You probably get asked questions about motorcycles and riding from your friends, family and associates. I do, too. Following are answers to a few of the common ones I’ve been asked.

What Motorcycles Do You Ride?

I ride anything that’s got two wheels and a motor. Heck, I ride things that have two wheels without a motor!

But mostly, I like to ride long distances, and I predominantly ride sport-touring bikes. Ideally, purpose-built, sport-touring bikes with a shaft drive, hard bags, full fairing and a big gas tank.

Adventure touring is also up my alley: I love blasting along jeep roads in the mountains, forests and deserts and I’m fond of dual-purpose bikes and larger adventure touring motorcycles that make that all the more enjoyable.

Some of my greatest riding pleasures have been riding dirt bikes: through creeks, mud, rocks, over fallen trees, up and down near-vertical cliffs, in the Rockies, and on the beaches of both North American coasts.

I love vintage and retro bikes, standard bikes, super-motard motorcycles, cruisers, classic bikes and, well, I love motorcycles.

I’ve had the pleasure of owning and/or riding bikes from most every major manufacturer in the world and will continue to do more of the same.

Where Do You Sleep When You’re Touring?

I particularly enjoy campsites in National Parks, National Forests, State Parks, and State Forests. But I also sleep in fine hotels, motels (good and bad), as well as with friends and family.

I’ll also catch a nap at rest stops, on picnic tables, or even under a bridge when the weather and circumstances make that the best darn dry spot in the world.

And when I’ve pushed my endurance to the limit, I’ve even taken a nap on a curb when that was the simplest and closest place around (however, beds and/or tents are better).

Aren’t Motorcycles Dangerous?

Of course you’ve heard that question many times, and obviously it doesn’t come from motorcycle riders.

So, depending upon my mood at the moment, I’ll mention some amount of a more complete answer that I’ve written called MOTORCYCLE DEATH WISH, which is really all about living a more enjoyable life through motorbikes.

When Did You Start Riding?

The riding bug infected me in the 70’s.

Don’t know that I’ll recover.

Wishing you safe riding.

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