California Big Sur Coastal Riding and Camping (Video)

Motorcycles-BigSurWHAT’S BETTER THAN MOTORBIKE RIDING AND CAMPING ALONG THE BIG SUR COASTLINE? Not too much. On the other hand, I’m one for riding and camping anywhere with mountains and lots of twisty roads. No matter, this roller-coaster motorcycle ride is fabulous entertainment on a grand scale. The Pacific Ocean and the jagged, scenic cliffs falling away from the Santa Lucia Mountains are fine frosting on a tremendously tasty riding treat.

Whether you want to enjoy the camping part or not, you should make a point to ride up, down, around and along this 90 miles (or so), of California Highway 1 and the adjoining Los Padres National Forest.

Oh! Depending upon where you are going to or from, when leaving or approaching the Big Sur region, there is a much less known way to further stretch your riding enjoyment. The western terminus of California State Route 58 intersects California Highway 101. This chunk of 58 and its twisty asphalt (between the 101 and about 70 miles or so east before it connects up with California State Route 33), boasts more and more scenic beauty and impressive geological features, such as the San Andreas Fault. If you prefer your riding pleasures to be rarely interrupted by other vehicles, 58 goes through such a sparsely populated area that even on the Fourth of July weekend there was remarkably little traffic. And it’s so curvy that few trucks traverse it at anytime. It’s a magnificent ride all by itself, and because it’s somewhat in the shadow of its internationally famed Big Sur brother, it’s not nearly as well known.

3 thoughts on “California Big Sur Coastal Riding and Camping (Video)

  • MCj – one of the most magnificent places in the world where you can ride, camp on the side of the road, watch African game all day (and night) experience the most fabulous sunsets and sunrises and be safe from crime – that place is Namibia and Botswana

  • Hi TreadDawg,
    There are two bridges in the video. “Bixby Creek Bridge” is one of the famous attractions along the Big Sur coastline. It also has some historical significance because it introduced automobile travel to Big Sur. The Bixby Bridge was opened in 1932. The smaller green bridge, at the beginning of the video, is within Fort Hunter Liggett. Nacimiento-Fergusson Road starts at California State Route 1, right in the middle of the Big Sur region, goes over the Santa Lucia Mountains and cuts through Fort Hunter Liggett. (BTW, the road is sometimes closed at the entrance to the Fort). The tank (22 seconds into the video), a Sheridan M551A1, is displayed near the main entrance of Fort Hunter Liggett. MCg

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