Motorcycle Saddlebags

Compare and Review Motorcycle Saddlebags

INCREASE YOUR LUGGAGE CAPACITY AND HEAD OUT ON THE HIGHWAY. Motorcycle saddlebags represent the easiest way to increase your bike’s storage capacity. Tankbags (that sit on your gas tank) are even easier to add and remove, but most do not have the storage capacity of saddle bags. (However, there are some tankbags that are HUGE). Read more about Compare and Review Motorcycle Saddlebags[…]

Purple Motorcycle Chaps

Motorcycle Chaps (Purple, or Otherwise)

DO YOU WEAR PURPLE MOTORCYCLE CHAPS? In the biker community, particularly among cruisers, not everyone can pull off this color with grace and dignity, especially if they should be desiring to reflect the most traditional of motorcycle fashions.  As a side note, it could be argued that even though women have been riding motorcycles for Read more about Motorcycle Chaps (Purple, or Otherwise)[…]

Motorcycle Highway

“What’s a Decent Highway Motorcycle?”

“I NEED A MOTORCYCLE THAT CAN HANDLE BIG-ROAD TRAFFIC.” A reader asked me the above question (in the subject line). She has already been riding two other bikes, so this wouldn’t be her first. My answer comprises the rest of this post, but I’d be more interested in your views of how to select a Read more about “What’s a Decent Highway Motorcycle?”[…]

Motorcycle Show

Are Motorcycle Shows for You? (Video)

DO YOU ATTEND MOTORCYCLE SHOWS?  WHY OR WHY NOT?  (Scroll down to “Leave a Reply.”) Personally, for many years, I did “not” go to motorcycle shows or events.  I wouldn’t say that I was opposed to them, or that I wouldn’t even have been interested if I somehow managed to find myself at one.  It’s Read more about Are Motorcycle Shows for You? (Video)[…]

Motorcycle Wave

The Motorcycle Wave – What’s There to Say?

I’VE BEEN SAYING TO MYSELF FOR YEARS I WOULD NOT WRITE ABOUT THE MOTORCYCLE “WAVE.” On the one hand – at least in North America – it’s a fine symbol of the brotherhood experienced by riders of all ages, races, religions, creeds, socioeconomic backgrounds, etc. On the other hand, it can be tiring in areas Read more about The Motorcycle Wave – What’s There to Say?[…]

motorcycle tip over

Rider Control When Stopped – or Not (Video)

HOW OFTEN DO YOU DROP YOUR MOTORCYCLE? I don’t mean crash it, although that would certainly be a pertinent answer. In this instance, I simply mean dropping it while you’ve stopped, or while riding very slowly. One example would be pulling up to a stop sign and putting your foot down on some loose sand, Read more about Rider Control When Stopped – or Not (Video)[…]

Motorcycle Accident

He Said, “I’ll Never Ride a Motorcycle Again”

FELLOW MOTORCYCLISTS GET SMASHED ON THE PAVEMENT EVERY DAY. And many live to tell about it.  This morning I learned that one of my neighbors, a young 21-year-old rider, has been in the hospital for several days and is expected to remain there for another 2 weeks, before he can go home for a projected Read more about He Said, “I’ll Never Ride a Motorcycle Again”[…]

Motorcycle Group

Group Motorcycle Riding – Benefit or Burden? (Video)

OVER THE YEARS I’VE DEVELOPED MIXED FEELINGS ABOUT GROUP RIDING. Although most of my weekend excursions and long-distance tours have been on one bike (with and without a passenger), I’ve enjoyed a number of trips with a second bike/rider and sometimes a total of three (such as this weekend in Death Valley National Park – Read more about Group Motorcycle Riding – Benefit or Burden? (Video)[…]