Buell Motorcycles

Harley Kills Off The Buell Brand

AN AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE BRAND GOES AWAY. I’m surprised by today’s news that Harley is killing off Buell Motorcycles. Buell has offered innovative technology to the motorcycle world since 1993, as a small, American, sportbike manufacturer. Buell even won its first AMA Pro racing championship in September of this year. Click here for the official word Read more about Harley Kills Off The Buell Brand[…]

Beartooth Highway

Motorcycle Riding Along The Beartooth Highway

THERE ARE FAVORITE MOTORBIKE ROADS ALL OVER THE WORLD. And within North America, there are countless roads that speak the language of motorcycles, luring riders far and wide, year in and year out. One such road that truly bears the description “spectacular,” is the Beartooth Highway in Montana and Wyoming. This road has few peers. Read more about Motorcycle Riding Along The Beartooth Highway[…]

Motorcycle Road

What’s Your Favorite Motorcycle Road?

ROADS ARE THE INTERNATIONAL PLAYGROUND FOR MOTORCYCLE RIDERS. Curvy roads, scenic roads, mountain roads, river roads, ocean roads, desert roads, canyon roads, fast roads, slow roads, paved roads, dirt roads, gravel roads, sand roads, bad roads, high roads, low roads…they’re all places for motorcycle adventure, amusement, camaraderie, solitude, contemplation, exhilaration, relaxation, and the freedom that Read more about What’s Your Favorite Motorcycle Road?[…]

Helmet Safety Spectrum

Motorcycle Safety Ain’t For All Riders

WHERE ARE YOU ON THE SPECTRUM OF MOTORCYCLE SAFETY? If you are reading this, it could be presumed that you have some level of interest in motorcycle safety. But in my experience, what that means in terms of “how much” or “how little” you routinely demonstrate the “best practices” of rider safety may vary considerably. Read more about Motorcycle Safety Ain’t For All Riders[…]

Long Term Rider

What Are Common Motorcycle Rider Characteristics?

HOW SIMILAR OR DIFFERENT ARE YOU, COMPARED TO OTHER RIDERS? Over the years, non-motorcycle riders have asked me to express common traits among motorbike riders that I’ve observed. But I’ve been hard pressed to identify truly universal common rider attributes – other than a love of motorcycles and riding. Perhaps you know of some that Read more about What Are Common Motorcycle Rider Characteristics?[…]

Motorcycle Camping

Motorcycle Camping (From An Old Dog)

MOTORCYCLE CAMPING SURE DOESN’T SEEM LIKE IT SHOULD BE FOR EVERYONE. But it might be right for you! Well, I am a bit biased. I’ve been motorcycle camping for a long time and I’ve camped all over North America. Which, in my case, is a good and bad thing. The good part is that I Read more about Motorcycle Camping (From An Old Dog)[…]

Best Motorcycle

“My Bike is Better Than Yours”

MOTORCYCLE RIDERS ARE A UNIQUE BUNCH.  Over the decades I’ve managed to ride all over North America, including coast-to-coast, multi-week tours a number of times. As much as I love riding, I also love to shoot the breeze with motorcycle riders of all ages and experience levels, wherever we may encounter each other and I Read more about “My Bike is Better Than Yours”[…]

Motorcycle Touring Tips

Motorcycle Touring Tips and Suggestions

WHAT ARE YOUR MOTORCYCLE TOURING SUGGESTIONS? A friend of mine just bought a new motorcycle (he’s been riding off and on for many years) and will be taking a trip with his wife and asked my advice regarding motorcycle security on the road; best gear for touring through mountains with variable temperatures and unpredictable rain; Read more about Motorcycle Touring Tips and Suggestions[…]

Motorcycle Life Death

Motorcycle Riding on the Razor Edge of Life and Death

EVERY MOTORCYCLE RIDERS HAS HAD CLOSE CALLS. Which of yours were so close that you were in disbelief that a tragedy simply failed to materialize when it should have? (Write your experience below). The events that have really been on the edge of life and death for me, are some of my most vivid recollections. Read more about Motorcycle Riding on the Razor Edge of Life and Death[…]

Zero-S Motorcycle

Zero Motorcycles and The Electric Revolution

THE RACE IS ON, THE ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE REVOLUTION IS HAPPENING. April 2009 was a milestone month for electric motorcycles, and the two biggest news items are from the same company: Zero Motorcycles in Santa Cruz, California. To begin wtih, Zero Motorcycles staged the first 24-hour endurance event for electric, off-road motorcycles. The “24 Hours of Read more about Zero Motorcycles and The Electric Revolution[…]

Motorcycle Battery

Motorcycle Battery Tips For the Non-Mechanic

THREE POINTS OF PROPER MOTORCYCLE BATTERY MAINTENANCE. I love riding motorcycles. I cannot say I “love” motorcycle maintenance. Although I have done quite a lot of bike maintenance in the past, including the basics, like changing tires, changing oil, replacing spark plugs, and air filters. I’ve also done electrical work and even replaced pistons and Read more about Motorcycle Battery Tips For the Non-Mechanic[…]