Motorcycle Flip-Up Helmet

Motorcycle Heads Across the Atlantic & Pacific

Are the heads of American motorcycle riders more, or less hardy, than those piloting English and Australian motorbikes? Your guess is as good as mine!  But here is what a British and Australian review found: “Motorcyclists are at high risk in traffic crashes, particularly for head injury. A review of studies concluded that helmets reduce Read more about Motorcycle Heads Across the Atlantic & Pacific[…]

Motorcycle Chain Drive

Chain? Belt? Shaft? Which is Better?

Well, if you are thinking in terms of motorcycle fashion apparel, I would recommend chrome, shaft-drive pendants, hanging from a series of gold chains that are attached to a leather belt with a chrome bike-buckle to secure your pants. And that should give you a good indication on why I am writing about bikes instead Read more about Chain? Belt? Shaft? Which is Better?[…]

Cycleport Motoport Kevlar Jacket

Kevlar Motorcycle Jacket Review, Part I

KEVLAR: STRONG, LIGHTWEIGHT AND HEAT RESISTANT Perhaps most famous for its application in bullet-proof vests, Kevlar is also used in radial tires, heat- or flame-resistant fabrics, fiber-reinforced composite materials for aircraft panels, boat hulls, golf-club shafts, and lightweight bicycles. According to the Dupont website, which first produced Kevlar in 1965, this tough fiber weave can Read more about Kevlar Motorcycle Jacket Review, Part I[…]

Cycleport Motoport Kevlar Jacket

Kevlar Motorcycle Jacket Review, Part II

AIR MESH KEVLAR JACKET: (Read Part I) The Motoport Air Mesh Kevlar Jacket (previously Cycleport) includes a thorough array of impact protective armor, in addition to the abrasion resisting Kevlar. The “Tri-Armor Body Guard System” includes armor not only in the right areas to protect elbows, forearms, shoulders, and back, but it also includes armor Read more about Kevlar Motorcycle Jacket Review, Part II[…]


Definitions of Motorcycle Apparel Terms

WHAT DO ALL THOSE LABELS MEAN ON MOTORCYCLE GEAR? Ever wonder what all those different motorcycle textiles are about? What are the definitions of the myriad terms printed on the tags of motorcycle jackets, pants and gloves? What’s good? What’s better? Is textile as good as leather? Is there any textile better than leather? What Read more about Definitions of Motorcycle Apparel Terms[…]

Draggin' Jeans

Draggin’ Jeans: Kevlar Reinforced Riding Jeans

DRAGGIN’ JEANS – BETTER THAN REGULAR JEANS: I’ve been wearing Draggin’ Jeans with Draggin’ Armor by Fast Company for several years. These are cotton blue jeans (or black jeans) with Kevlar reinforcements sewn generously on the inside over the knee areas and in the seat of the pants. Their optional CE armor is attached to Read more about Draggin’ Jeans: Kevlar Reinforced Riding Jeans[…]

Fieldsheer Motorcycle Suit

Fieldsheer Highland One-Piece Riding Suit

I’ve collected a number of motorcycle jackets and suits for various riding conditions over the years. I picked up the Fieldsheer Highland one-piece riding suit online over a year ago, primarily for winter riding. I’ve since extended its use, including on a coast-to-coast Spring/Summer tour last year. (Used it in the rain and in the Read more about Fieldsheer Highland One-Piece Riding Suit[…]

Gerbing Heated Jacket

Motorcycle Heated Clothing: Warm Winter Riding!

Winter riding in Southern California is only chilly in the morning and evening. I delayed getting myself some heated gear because the need just did not seem so vital. But I’m sure that anyone who owns heated riding clothing would attest that once you’ve ventured down the road of warmer, lighter and more comfortable motorcycle Read more about Motorcycle Heated Clothing: Warm Winter Riding![…]

Global Positioning System

GPS for Motorcycles

Want the Department of Defense to help navigate you and your motorcycle around? Well, you can…by way of their Global Positioning System. DoD spends some US$400 million per year to maintain the system, and it’s available to you and I as a benefit for the public good. But do you need it? Don’t know. I Read more about GPS for Motorcycles[…]

Held Glove

Recommended: Held Gloves

Motorcycle gloves. They’re good friends of any motorcyclist with a few miles on the throttle. Over the years I’ve had (and still have) many different pairs. Summer gloves. Cooler weather gloves. Winter gloves (and snowmobile mittens). Waterproof gloves. Rain over-gloves — particularly appreciated when riding underwater or through seemingly similar deluges. Off road gloves. Glove Read more about Recommended: Held Gloves[…]