Cruiserworks: Boots for Bikers

Cruiserworks BootsGREAT TOURING BOOTS AND WALKING AROUND BOOTS: It’s hard for me not to love my boots. Cruiserworks, in North Carolina, makes a line of very practical riding apparel for your feet. I’ve been wearing the “Men’s Tour” boot version since 2003. These boots have ridden coast-to-coast several times, as well as up and down the entirety of the US west coast, and mostly on many shorter trips and daily commutes, as well. They’ve endured high, triple-digit temperatures, snow, lots of rain, sand, dirt and all other elements I’ve encountered (including a Florida hurricane). I’ve worn them in the office, out on hikes, and anywhere that my motorcycle brought me. They are relatively light. They are comfortable. And they are sturdy. The boots are “kevlar reinforced, Dri-lex lined for comfort,” they also have a “styrene military toe guard” and, like all Cruiserboots, “are 100% waterproof guaranteed.”

I’ve had the soles replaced at their factory a few times and the boots still have lots of life left. An interesting maintenance point is they advise you to only use their leather creme, which I have been using since my original purchase. I highly recommend these boots!

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