FJR1300AE – Electric Shifting by Yamaha

Yamaha-FJR1300AESo what motorcycle problem is Yamaha’s electric shifting trying to resolve?

Can’t say I know, but the electric shifting option for their sport-touring wonder, the FJR1300, is definitely unique. As a refined example of 21st century, sport-touring technology, the bike itself is a fine ride. Out of curiosity, I took the clutchless wonder out on the pavement. It DOES take some getting used to. (Try ‘not’ to pull in your clutch the next time you hit the road).

Although I may have thought the concept silly at the outset, after I got accustomed to not using a clutch (relatively speaking), I was surprised that I found the handlebar shifter to be quite simple. In fact, I even preferred it to the conventional foot shifter.

Do I want one?


I’ll take the manual shifting FJR 1300, thank you. But motorcycle technology does continue to evolve.

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