Fred Rau: Loooong-Time Moto Journalist

Fred RauFred Rau was hanging out at the Friction Zone (magazine) booth at the IMS show last month in Long Beach, CA. I yapped with him for a short spell about his motorcycle writing.

I’ve been enjoying his articles for many years in Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN), where Fred served as the Editor, and later, Senior Editor, for 15 years. And if you visit, or read Friction Zone and/or a whole bunch of other motorcycle mags, you will likely have read some of Fred’s contributions.

Fred also edited and helped publish one of my favorite books, David Hough’s Proficient Motorcycling.

Fred has a great writing style: very laid back, conversational, and he’s not concerned about speaking his mind. And with several decades as a pro moto-journalist and tourer, he has some material to draw upon.

Fred was promoting his new business, “Fred Rau Motorcycling.” Take him up on a guided tour and you will not only enjoy a fine riding experience, but you’ll also get to share in the info-wealth of a long-time motorcyclist and safety advocate.

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