Draggin’ Jeans: Kevlar Reinforced Riding Jeans

Draggin' JeansDRAGGIN’ JEANS – BETTER THAN REGULAR JEANS: I’ve been wearing Draggin’ Jeans with Draggin’ Armor by Fast Company for several years. These are cotton blue jeans (or black jeans) with Kevlar reinforcements sewn generously on the inside over the knee areas and in the seat of the pants. Their optional CE armor is attached to the Kevlar in the knee section via Velcro. The jeans are comfortable and durable.

The knee armor takes a little getting used to, but is relatively comfortable, as well. The pads are not very noticeable, so the pants afford a rather casual look while offering greater abrasion and impact protection than regular jeans.

Will they protect better than fully-armored, leather or textile, motorcycle riding pants?


But I find that I’m more inclined to actually wear them in situations where I don’t want to walk around in non-motorcycle environments encumbered in my fully protective gear. In fact, they’re fine just for wearing around like any jeans.

I was wearing one pair of my Draggin’ Jeans with knee armor during a mishap that totaled my motorcycle, and left me without a bruise. In fact, I was catapulted over the bike in a somersault high-side and fortunately landed just off the road in the dirt. I credit ALL of the protective gear I was wearing, from head to toe, that kept me in good shape. (Much earlier in life I was in a more serious motorcycle crash without the full extent of protection available to riders in the 21st century, and I was carted away in an ambulance as a result of that adventure).

The bottom-line is that these pants are a practical in-between protective solution for someone who is going riding without full leg protection but wants something better than conventional jeans which offer practically no protection.

3 thoughts on “Draggin’ Jeans: Kevlar Reinforced Riding Jeans

  • Have a pair of Sliders black jeans with knee armor and kevlar. Comfortable and you could get away with walking around in them. Of course, it’s going into the 20’s in Chicago around now, so wearing jeans on a bike is like wearing saran wrap with no underwear. . .it’s either insulated pants or leathers from now until Spring.

  • Kevlar Jeans is also my favorite. It makes me feel very protected and safe. I had experienced a motorcycle accident early this year and thank goodness I was wearing my kevlar jeans when it happened so I didn’t suffer any injuries.

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