Kevlar Motorcycle Jacket Review, Part II

Cycleport Motoport Kevlar Jacket

Cycleport Air Mesh Kevlar Jacket


The Motoport Air Mesh Kevlar Jacket (previously Cycleport) includes a thorough array of impact protective armor, in addition to the abrasion resisting Kevlar. The “Tri-Armor Body Guard System” includes armor not only in the right areas to protect elbows, forearms, shoulders, and back, but it also includes armor for both sides of the chest. In short, if you were ever to become the featured subject of a warm weather, motorcycle mishap, this is what you would want to be wearing.

There are three main parts to the Motoport Air Mesh Kevlar Jacket:

1) Air Mesh Kevlar Jacket itself for $399.00

2) Waterproof/Windproof/Breathable liner that zips into the Kevlar mesh jacket and also attaches at the jacket wrists with snaps

3) Thermoloft liner, which zips into the Waterproof/Windproof/Breathable liner

Parts 2 and 3 comprise the dual-liner that is purchased separately for $189.00. You can purchase just the Waterproof/Windproof/Breathable liner for $129.00, without the Thermoloft liner. And of course, you can use the jacket without any liners at all in warm weather.


Here are some of the key features I like, although on you can find a longer list:

♦ Best abrasion protection available.

♦ “It’s 10 times stronger than the best leather and less than half the weight.”

♦The whole jacket, with armor, is washable.

♦ Good customer service. Wayne, the President, is available if you ask for him. I called several times and asked lots of questions and he was responsive.

♦ Seven year warranty.

♦ “Motoport’s Kevlar suits are the only synthetic apparel approved by the F.I.M., the A.M.A., the W.E.R.A. and many other racing organizations.”

♦ “Breathes better than nylon or leather, the best suit to wear for hot weather.”

♦ Wrist zipper, which opens along the arm and allows more venting in hot weather.

♦ Pockets: 4 outside pockets (2 front-waist pockets and 2 chest pockets). There is also one pocket inside the jacket and one pocket inside each liner.

♦ “The world’s top rated Tri-Armor in Velcro secured pockets that covers more of your body than any other jacket. Full coverage even in the chest.”


♦ The zippers are high-quality and have been trouble free. However, the front waist pockets are routinely prone to opening while riding, so I do not put anything in those pockets for fear of losing them while out on the road. It seems this could be remedied by reversing the direction of the zipper, so they pull “up” to open instead of “down.” In this way, gravity could help to keep the zippers closed, as opposed to continually working to open them.

♦ The jacket is bulky, which is mostly noticeable when storing or hanging.

♦ You cannot go to your local dealer and try it on. It needs to be ordered and custom made for you.

♦ Production wait-time after purchase: Over 12 weeks.

♦ You need to go through to see the Motoport products, and you will not be engaged in an award winning, user-friendly experience. (The website is poorly designed and will need to be upgraded in the future). [NOTE: was updated in 2008].

♦ At $589.00 for the jacket and dual-liner, one “could” dislike the price, but in my opinion, it is a good value (however, see “gripe” below about the liners).


This could simply be listed as a dislike, but in my opinion, it warrants a greater highlight. The greatest departure from reality regarding the information about this jacket is this claim: “The world’s first all season Air Mesh suit that will take you from -20F to 85F with optional zip in two part Aero-Tex liner. Remove the liners and have a fully breathable jacket that will take you from 65f to 120F. You don’t need two or three different riding outfits for different weather. The Air Mesh Kevlar jacket is great for any weather.”

The low-temperature claim for this jacket is absurd.

In fact, since I ride all year long, I called Wayne to challenge that point before and after I purchased the mesh jackets. Wayne not only defended it each time, but before I made my purchase, he emphasized on the phone that I would not even need any heated apparel with the dual liner under my mesh jacket. In my view, his printed claim and verbal claim are such blatant hyperbole that it lowers the repute of Wayne and his company. He did offer to adjust my liner for free, which he said is why it would not seem warm in moderately cool temperatures (the idea being that cool air must be entering at the neck).

I took advantage of the free adjustment, but even after that, the jacket and liner performed just as poorly in moderately cooler temperatures.

My view is that this waist-length, “mesh” jacket with air freely circulating throughout is not an all-season jacket as claimed, but is really an excellent one-season jacket that “could” be used as a 3-season jacket (with liners) for someone who does not own a non-mesh, regular jacket.

My advice is to skip the purchase of the Thermoloft inner liner and use another jacket for cooler weather riding.


The Motoport Air Mesh Kevlar Jacket is an outstanding warm-weather motorcycle jacket with unparalleled rider protection. In my opinion, it is the best mesh jacket available. If I were to make the purchase all over, I would re-endure the long wait to receive it and the only thing I would change is to order it without the Thermoloft inner liner.

I not only highly recommend this jacket for summer riding protection, if I ever wear the thing out, I will buy another.

12 thoughts on “Kevlar Motorcycle Jacket Review, Part II

  • I own the non mesh Jacket and I can wear it with the liners in any temperature. My bike cartwheeled at 55mph and I flew off and rolled down the road in my Motoport armored jacket and pants. My Shoei helmet was a write-off and my gloves flew off my hands never to found. I didn’t sustain any broken bones or abrasion but the shoulder I landed on was sore for a long while. Jacket and pants were fine.

  • I bought this cycleport jacket with both liners and full armour in 2003 no part of the jacket or both liners have ever failed. expensive but worth absolutely every penny I live in Florida and I wear the jacket year round

  • I bought one of the moto por Kevlar to peace road racing suits back in the early 2000’s. And I will second any opinions regarding comfort and fit in warm to hot weather, plus the level of flexibility and breathability despite the lack of vents. This, even in Southern California weathe. All your joints forearms shins hips but are all covered with soft armor and it is a very reassuring thing to have while you’re riding around in traffic

    As other suggest skin graft for a heck of a lot more expensive than the Higher than average pric compared to leather garments…a great investment for YOUR hide, indeed!

  • Does he sell his gear in Australia? It sounds great for the hot weather down here.

  • I have to second Chuck’s opinion of the gear. I purchased the Air Mesh 3/4 jacket and Air Mesh pants after reading about them on this site and reading some testimonials on other sites. I’ve been wearing them for just about 2 years and 22,000 miles and just suffered my first wreck. I was t-boned by a car accelerating to make a left turn in front of me. Apparently the driver didnt see me until they hit me (which is a surprise since I ride a roulette green Triumph Tiger). The only injury I sustained was a broken ankle from where the car’s bumper came into direct contact with my ankle. The gear had very little abrasion on it and I only had to get the pants repaired where the EMT’s started to cut them before I could tell them about the full length zipper. Without any road rash, I was told by the ER docs and nurses that I was their most pleasant motorcycle patients they had ever seen. I was also visited the next day by the trauma doc who admitted me. It turns out that he also rides and wanted to know what I was wearing. Thank you for featuring articles on gear that is worth the money. All it takes is one wreck to realize that the Cycleport gear is worth every penny. I won’t ride without it.

  • I also own the air mesh jacket. It is a 3/4 length jacket in hi-viz. I had Motoport add the liner, emergency info pouch, and I had the cargo pockets changed to zip pockets. As for the all around chest protection, I have the problem when riding, the bulk of the jacket and the pads, it “rides” up under my chin making it difficult for me to turn my head from side to side when changing lanes. Another thing I didn’t care for is the jacket has a snap to close the jacket under the chin which is difficult and time consuming. They need to make it rider friendly by using velcro at the neck and sleeves.
    I am very pleased with the Kevlar material. I feel it is truly the best jacket for overall protection. I also ordered the kevlar pants with several options added. I am extremely pleased with the pants but, I wish I would have purchased the shorter jacket now.
    The jacket and pants cost around $1200. I felt this was extremely costly but, when you compare the cost of the “suit”, with your skin there is no comparison.
    I have a friend who works as a Lifeflight helecoptor nurse who told me, they have been to many motorcycle accidents, and the victims who were wearing the proper protective ( jacket/pants ) clothing, had to have their gear cut off with scissors (this took awhile to cut through). After the protective clothing was removed much to their surprise, the victim suffered no bodily damage other than a brokon ankle, and road rash on the wrist due to not having the sleeve snug on the wrist it road up the arm a little during the slide across the interstate. The protective clothing doesn’t prevent broken bones but, it did save time in the E.R. by not having the asphalt ground into your skin, and road rash. He also commented the difference between the riders in t-shirts/jeans, and the riders wearing protective gear. Needless to say, the victims in t-shirts/jeans their cloths were literally worn through beyond recognition and their skin as well.
    I would much rather spend my money on the proper protective gear than spend it on medical bills and surgeries. No comparison in my book

  • I have been wearing the air mesh for two year here in AZ. I have ridden up to temperatures of 118 and still enjoyed the experience. In colder temperatures down to 20 F, the combination of several thin thermal layers underneath and a BMW rain suit over the Air Mesh kept me toasty warm for several hours.

  • I have the 3/4 length mesh jacket (hip length) with the double liner, and the matching pants with liner. I have comfortably ridden in temps as low as 7F without needing any extra insulation. I do need better gloves and boots for the cold, though. Take the liners out, and I’m actually more comfortable in the suit than without it, as long as I’m moving. I bought my gear last year and I am completely satisfied.

    Dana, in answer to your question, no. I spent a long time on the web looking around, and I have never found anything comparable. The gear isn’t cheap. But what’s your skin worth? I’ve seen how serious road rash can be, and I’ve seen it treated. I will pass on the experience. I consider the $1100 I spent to be money well spent, and I would do it again.

  • are there other companies that sell the kevlar gear comparable to what cycleport sells?

  • I purchased my Cycleport Air Mesh Kevlar jacket & pants in 2007. One of my first rides in the suit took me to Arizona in November of ’07. I encountered freezing temperatures in the early morning hours and found the jacket and pants to be comfortable even in those temps. I also tested Wayne’s claim that you can slide across asphalt at 100 miles/hour and not damage the suit. I hit a four point buck at about 70 mph. The impact killed the deer, totaled my R1200GS and left me with 2 broken ribs and a badly sprained wrist. My “Multitech” helmet was totaled. My gloves and boots also took a beating. My riding suit only had some tattering of the reflective material along the leg of the pants. I feel that the protection of the kevlar and the armour saved me from a much more serious result. Although I have not taken Wayne up on his offer, he did offer to repair the reflective material at no cost to me. My purchase experience at Motoport was excellent. I live in Southern California so I went direct to his shop to be fitted. The suit was finished ahead of schedule and to date I have had no problems. The suit takes some breakin time to get comfortable, but I feel that is a small price to pay for the protection and durability that it offers. I will also state that this is the best all weather suit I have ever owned. (Experience: 45 years of motorcycling, 3 motorcycles currently owned)

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