Electric Motocross Bikes?

Quantya FMXThere were all kinds of new, custom, vintage, and historical motorcycles at the International Motorcycle Show this month in Long Beach, CA. One that struck me as particularly unique was an electric dirt bike made in Switzerland by Quantya (established in 2005).

This Quantya FMX (Freestyle Motocross) weighs 195 pounds and with zero emissions, no noise, no gas and no oil pollution, this bike is certainly earth-friendly and may even help allay some of the conflicts between moto-recreation enthusiasts and environmentalists who comprise a few of the opposing interests in regards to the appropriate utilization of US public lands. (Now your Sierra Club friends won’t disown you when you mention you are going to spend the weekend dirtbike riding on your Quantya).

A typical fully charged battery will launch the FMX to 40+ mph with a range of up to 2.5 hours.

At over 10K in US Dollars, this bike won’t be for everyone, but it does give a glimpse at where the future may be evolving on the dirt and street….

Quantya USA, the exclusive importer and distributor for the USA and Canada, is located in Syosset, NY: www.quantya.com

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