GPS for Motorcycles

Global Positioning SystemWant the Department of Defense to help navigate you and your motorcycle around? Well, you can…by way of their Global Positioning System. DoD spends some US$400 million per year to maintain the system, and it’s available to you and I as a benefit for the public good.

But do you need it?

Don’t know. I first used one in 1998 (in a car). It was kinda cool as a novelty. But I’m a die-hard paper map guy. (Don’t ask how many maps I have on my shelves and attached to my walls).

Will I ever get a GPS unit? Well…there have been times I have been far away from pavement and off my maps, and I would have definitely found civilization in a more civilized fashion if I had some GPS hardware. But for more routine, multi-state, paved-road riding, it’s just not for me…yet.

Having said that, I marvel at the technology….

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