Fieldsheer Highland One-Piece Riding Suit

Fieldsheer Motorcycle SuitI’ve collected a number of motorcycle jackets and suits for various riding conditions over the years. I picked up the Fieldsheer Highland one-piece riding suit online over a year ago, primarily for winter riding. I’ve since extended its use, including on a coast-to-coast Spring/Summer tour last year. (Used it in the rain and in the cooler mountains at night).

Good points: Some of the features I like are the removable armor for the shoulders, elbows, knees, back and hips.

The full-body thermal liner is also removable…and…the upper and lower liner can be used separately or zipped together.

It also has lots of pockets. (Can you ever have too many?) For really chilly riding, or when I’m riding for hours in cool weather, I particularly like the combo of my Heated Vest inside this riding suit.

Another noteworthy good point is the price. This thing is very feature-rich and yet amazingly economical. You can find it online for prices ranging from $200 to $300.

Negative points: This is supposed to be a “100% Waterproof” suit. I have not found that to be true in heavy rain. Last summer I wore it through a downpour in the Mountains while riding the Beartooth Highway that spirals up and down along the border of Montana and Wyoming.

The suit leaked in the crotch.I should note that I had the heated vest on at the time, which requires that I extend the power cable out the side pocket of the suit, before it connects to its power socket. Although the built-in Velcro seemed to provide a pretty good seal at the pocket around the power cord, it’s possible that this was the source of some of the wayward water leakage.

In all fairness, I’ll need to give this a try in another downpour without the heated vest cable plugged in.

I have found the suit to be waterproof riding through light rain. Another negative was that the reflective “Phoslite” material started fraying after a while.

As a result, the dealer I purchased it from honored the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and replaced it for me at no charge after about 6 months of use. Oh! One more thing: the ventilation system does not seem to offer much relief when things warm up, at least not in the cockpit of a bike with a full fairing. But then again, I have not found the vent systems on other jackets that I have used to be all that effective behind a windshield in warmer weather (other than full mesh).

Conclusion: So far I’m reasonably satisfied with this Fieldsheer Highland motorcycle suit, especially as a source of full-body protection for cool weather riding. I still need to give it more time to see how it will hold up in the longer run, but it sure is a full-featured suit at a very affordable price.

I do have other gear that I use for riding in the summer, so I’m not putting this through the paces that someone else may who uses this as their primary rider protection. (Kevlar mesh is my preference for warmer weather riding).

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  • This thing is great! I got one way back in 2006 or so. I crashed my bike at 70 mph. I hit the ground rolled once before I put my arms out slid a long way I feel like it was forever I was sliding on the freeway and got up without a scratch on me! except my hand because I went cheap on gloves… don’t go cheap on gloves… lol so crash test approved by me this fucker saved my whole body from being a hamburger patty. And yes I crashed because some piece of garbage in a quest van cut me off and stomped the breaks on me hard and never stopped even though he knew he caused me to go down… watch out there are straight up psychos out there !!!!

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