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Are Motorcycle Shows for You? (Video)

DO YOU ATTEND MOTORCYCLE SHOWS?  WHY OR WHY NOT?  (Scroll down to “Leave a Reply.”) Personally, for many years, I did “not” go to motorcycle shows or events.  I wouldn’t say that I was opposed to them, or that I wouldn’t even have been interested if I somehow managed to find myself at one.  It’s Read more about Are Motorcycle Shows for You? (Video)[…]

International Motorcycle Show

Long Beach International Motorcycle Show

International Motorcycle ShowWHAT’S BETTER THAN A HUGE MOTORCYCLE SHOW RIGHT ON THE OCEAN? Cycle World Magazine’s International Motorcycle Show (IMS) wrapped up its 28th expo this weekend (Dec 5-7, 08), just outside of Los Angeles, and as usual, right on the ocean, in the Long Beach Convention Center.

This year’s annual show started its United States tour in October and will be running through to February 2009, making the following 13 stops along the way: Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, San Mateo (outside of San Francisco), Novi (outside of Detroit), Washington DC, New York, Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis, and in South Carolina, all in addition to this stop in Long Beach, which is typically one of the largest of the tour.


The 55,000 attendees were crammed everywhere, exploring all things related to motorcycles, but the show’s two most prominent areas of interest were the motorbikes inside the exhibition hall and the demo rides offered outside. […]

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60,219 Attend International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, CA

Once again, over 60,000 motorcycle riders and enthusiasts — including their friends and family — came out for the annual Cycle World International Motorcycle Show (IMS) in December at the Long Beach Convention Center, just south of Los Angeles. Indoors, the IMS features the newest models from the international motorcycle manufacturers, stunt-riding shows, a collection Read more about 60,219 Attend International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, CA[…]