Motorcycle Show

Are Motorcycle Shows for You? (Video)

DO YOU ATTEND MOTORCYCLE SHOWS?  WHY OR WHY NOT?  (Scroll down to “Leave a Reply.”) Personally, for many years, I did “not” go to motorcycle shows or events.  I wouldn’t say that I was opposed to them, or that I wouldn’t even have been interested if I somehow managed to find myself at one.  It’s Read more about Are Motorcycle Shows for You? (Video)[…]

Motorcycle Group

Group Motorcycle Riding – Benefit or Burden? (Video)

OVER THE YEARS I’VE DEVELOPED MIXED FEELINGS ABOUT GROUP RIDING. Although most of my weekend excursions and long-distance tours have been on one bike (with and without a passenger), I’ve enjoyed a number of trips with a second bike/rider and sometimes a total of three (such as this weekend in Death Valley National Park – Read more about Group Motorcycle Riding – Benefit or Burden? (Video)[…]


Riding Through Big Trees and a Black Bear (Video)

SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK IS AN EXCEPTIONALLY FINE EXPERIENCE ALL BY ITSELF.  However, it is especially suited to motorcyclists as a result of its reasonably well maintained asphalt, lots of curves and great scenery.  It has an added advantage of being in the shadow of its more famous big sister, Yosemite National Park.  On the one Read more about Riding Through Big Trees and a Black Bear (Video)[…]


California Big Sur Coastal Riding and Camping (Video)

WHAT’S BETTER THAN MOTORBIKE RIDING AND CAMPING ALONG THE BIG SUR COASTLINE? Not too much. On the other hand, I’m one for riding and camping anywhere with mountains and lots of twisty roads. No matter, this roller-coaster motorcycle ride is fabulous entertainment on a grand scale. The Pacific Ocean and the jagged, scenic cliffs falling Read more about California Big Sur Coastal Riding and Camping (Video)[…]


Yosemite Riding with MCg and Richard (Video)

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, PARTICULARLY ROUTE 120 (TIOGA ROAD), EPITOMIZES MOTORCYCLE RIDING PLEASURE: as long as you ride early enough in the morning to beat the crowds. Don’t get me wrong. I love Yosemite. But I don’t love how popular this place is. Yosemite, and for that matter, Yellowstone National Park, are crown-jewel motorcycle destinations. But Read more about Yosemite Riding with MCg and Richard (Video)[…]


Death Valley Riding in Early Spring

FEW MOTORCYCLISTS CONTEMPLATE “COLD” WHEN RIDING DEATH VALLEY NATIONAL PARK. In fact, most anyone – riders or not – equate Death Valley with scorching desert heat.   More pertinent to riders, the park usually envelopes motorcyclists with moderate temperatures only in the late fall, winter and early spring.  Of course, regardless of what season you Read more about Death Valley Riding in Early Spring[…]

Beartooth Highway

Motorcycle Riding Along The Beartooth Highway

THERE ARE FAVORITE MOTORBIKE ROADS ALL OVER THE WORLD. And within North America, there are countless roads that speak the language of motorcycles, luring riders far and wide, year in and year out. One such road that truly bears the description “spectacular,” is the Beartooth Highway in Montana and Wyoming. This road has few peers. Read more about Motorcycle Riding Along The Beartooth Highway[…]

Motorcycle Road

What’s Your Favorite Motorcycle Road?

ROADS ARE THE INTERNATIONAL PLAYGROUND FOR MOTORCYCLE RIDERS. Curvy roads, scenic roads, mountain roads, river roads, ocean roads, desert roads, canyon roads, fast roads, slow roads, paved roads, dirt roads, gravel roads, sand roads, bad roads, high roads, low roads…they’re all places for motorcycle adventure, amusement, camaraderie, solitude, contemplation, exhilaration, relaxation, and the freedom that Read more about What’s Your Favorite Motorcycle Road?[…]

Death Valley Motorcyclists

Motorcycle Desert Enchantment: Death Valley National Park

There are lots of motorcycles in Death Valley National Park. Including every type of bike. And for good reason: There are all kinds of great motorcycle roads for whatever your riding pleasure may be. Sport-Tourers, Cruisers, Sport Bikes and any other street legal machines will enjoy slaloming up and down mountains, easing through some long Read more about Motorcycle Desert Enchantment: Death Valley National Park[…]

Joshua Tree National Park Road

Camping/Riding Joshua Tree National Park

When contemplating California, if you think only of Hollywood and beaches, be forewarned: Joshua Tree National Park (JT to the locals) is anything but that! The Pacific Ocean and Hollywood are only about 150 miles away, but JT seems like another planet. JT is a desert enchantment located in southeastern California and seemingly created specifically Read more about Camping/Riding Joshua Tree National Park[…]

Split Motorcycle

60,219 Attend International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, CA

Once again, over 60,000 motorcycle riders and enthusiasts — including their friends and family — came out for the annual Cycle World International Motorcycle Show (IMS) in December at the Long Beach Convention Center, just south of Los Angeles. Indoors, the IMS features the newest models from the international motorcycle manufacturers, stunt-riding shows, a collection Read more about 60,219 Attend International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, CA[…]