Riding Through Big Trees and a Black Bear (Video)

Motorcycling-SequoiaNPSEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK IS AN EXCEPTIONALLY FINE EXPERIENCE ALL BY ITSELF.  However, it is especially suited to motorcyclists as a result of its reasonably well maintained asphalt, lots of curves and great scenery.  It has an added advantage of being in the shadow of its more famous big sister, Yosemite National Park.  On the one hand, since Yosemite and Sequoia are about a hundred miles from each other, it’s relatively easy to visit them both.  The reality is most tourists who are pressed for time only visit Yosemite, which simply means there are always less cars and people at Sequoia – even on holiday weekends – compared to Yosemite.

In other words, the riding experience is better at Sequoia than Yosemite because there is less traffic.

And yet Sequoia National Park is nestled within the same Sierra Mountains as Yosemite.

Furthermore, your entrance fee at Sequoia is kind of two-for-one deal, since Kings Canyon National Park shares a border with Sequoia National Park, and they share the same entrance.

Also, if you are into motorcycle camping, generally speaking, I have found it easier to get a camping spot at Sequoia than Yosemite.  Although on this trip, we stayed in a lodge.

This particular weekend was notable for Sequoia since it marked its 120th birthday.

The primary riding experience is on General’s Highway, which is some 45 miles or so between the north and south entrances of the park. However, the southern segment features a stretch of about 16 miles which contains 130 curves and 12 switchbacks.

The entire stretch of General’s Highway is mountain-scenic beauty.

The pavement tops off at about 7000 feet in elevation, although the surrounding mountains reach twice that height, including Mt. Whitney, at 14,505 feet, which is the highest mountain in the lower 48 states.

It’s cooler on General’s Highway than the lower San Joaquin Valley, which is very hot and dry in the summer so bear in mind the temperature changes when planning a trip to Sequoia National Park or Kings Canyon National Park

3 thoughts on “Riding Through Big Trees and a Black Bear (Video)

  • It is on my bucket list to visit the giant trees and the waterfalls where are the best places to stay! We ride motorcycles so any info on that is very much appreciated also. Hoping to book a room or cabin this year. Please help!

  • Was wondering which lodge you stayed at while visiting the Sequoia’s? Not trying to disturb fisherman but not sure that we want to camp.

  • Thanks for sharing a great video of Sequoia National Park. I grew up in the foothills of the Sierras – Three Rivers area and learned to ride a motorcycle on the logging roads of the Sequoias and on the Generals Highway. Lot’s of great memories.

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