Riding Through Big Trees and a Black Bear (Video)

SEQUOIA NATIONAL PARK IS AN EXCEPTIONALLY FINE EXPERIENCE ALL BY ITSELF.  However, it is especially suited to motorcyclists as a result of its reasonably well maintained asphalt, lots of curves and great scenery.  It has an added advantage of being in the shadow of its more famous big sister, Yosemite National Park.  On the one Read more about Riding Through Big Trees and a Black Bear (Video)[…]


California Big Sur Coastal Riding and Camping (Video)

WHAT’S BETTER THAN MOTORBIKE RIDING AND CAMPING ALONG THE BIG SUR COASTLINE? Not too much. On the other hand, I’m one for riding and camping anywhere with mountains and lots of twisty roads. No matter, this roller-coaster motorcycle ride is fabulous entertainment on a grand scale. The Pacific Ocean and the jagged, scenic cliffs falling Read more about California Big Sur Coastal Riding and Camping (Video)[…]

Motorcycle Road

What’s Your Favorite Motorcycle Road?

ROADS ARE THE INTERNATIONAL PLAYGROUND FOR MOTORCYCLE RIDERS. Curvy roads, scenic roads, mountain roads, river roads, ocean roads, desert roads, canyon roads, fast roads, slow roads, paved roads, dirt roads, gravel roads, sand roads, bad roads, high roads, low roads…they’re all places for motorcycle adventure, amusement, camaraderie, solitude, contemplation, exhilaration, relaxation, and the freedom that Read more about What’s Your Favorite Motorcycle Road?[…]

Death Valley Motorcyclists

Motorcycle Desert Enchantment: Death Valley National Park

There are lots of motorcycles in Death Valley National Park. Including every type of bike. And for good reason: There are all kinds of great motorcycle roads for whatever your riding pleasure may be. Sport-Tourers, Cruisers, Sport Bikes and any other street legal machines will enjoy slaloming up and down mountains, easing through some long Read more about Motorcycle Desert Enchantment: Death Valley National Park[…]

Joshua Tree National Park Road

Camping/Riding Joshua Tree National Park

When contemplating California, if you think only of Hollywood and beaches, be forewarned: Joshua Tree National Park (JT to the locals) is anything but that! The Pacific Ocean and Hollywood are only about 150 miles away, but JT seems like another planet. JT is a desert enchantment located in southeastern California and seemingly created specifically Read more about Camping/Riding Joshua Tree National Park[…]

California Rt 33

California Route 33: Ongoing Motorbike Marriage

The Ventura-Maricopa Highway (California Route 33), and the section known as Jacinto Reyes Scenic Byway (in honor of the first Hispanic National Forest Ranger), must have been specifically created for motorcyclists. Either that, or motorbikes were created in anticipation of this roadway: Motorcycles and Route 33 are a marriage made in scenic-riding, motorbike heaven. In Read more about California Route 33: Ongoing Motorbike Marriage[…]

Big Sur PCH 1

Big Sur + California Highway 1 = Motorcycle Nirvana

It’s a pretty simple equation: No matter where you live, if you are a motorcycle rider in pursuit of the best roads, you have either already ridden Highway 1 through the Big Sur region in Central Coastal California, or it is part of your future. Officially designated as an All American Road, and featuring views Read more about Big Sur + California Highway 1 = Motorcycle Nirvana[…]

Distance Riding

Big Sur Adventure Riding and Motorcycle Camping

For Big Sur riders inclined towards sleeping in the great outdoors, there are several campgrounds on the coast, including Pfeiffer State Park, Kirk Creek, and Plaskett Creek that are situated right off California Highway 1. They are popular and tend to be filled through much of the summer. I’m especially fond of Plaskett. Some offer Read more about Big Sur Adventure Riding and Motorcycle Camping[…]

Lake Casitas, CA Rt150

Motorcycle Paradise: CA Route 150

40 miles? That’s all!? Oh, but these are not regular miles. These are 40 miles of heavenly motorcycle bliss for any rider venturing through Ventura County, California. Some of the highlights include excellent pavement, mountains, hills, canyons, mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys, mountains, very few traffic lights or stop signs, excellent food, super scenery, infinite twisties Read more about Motorcycle Paradise: CA Route 150[…]

Cuyama Valley, CA

Highway 166 and Runaway Throttle Syndrome

Do you have a problem with RTS (Runaway Throttle Syndrome)? You know, the tendency of that little right-hand grip to accelerate “all on its own” leaving you smiling past the scenery at triple digit speeds. I hate that! (I particularly hate it when it’s called to my attention by well-meaning peace officers). If you have Read more about Highway 166 and Runaway Throttle Syndrome[…]

Bovine in the Road

CA Routes 178 & 155, Bovines and Motorcycle Space Aliens

Interested in a little bovine accompaniment on your mountainous road trip? I, for one, prefer to view cows that are corralled away from roads. Nevertheless, on this motorcycle excursion, plenty consider the road as theirs. (Moreover, I don’t like to argue with critters that weigh more than my bike, gear and self combined). In brief, Read more about CA Routes 178 & 155, Bovines and Motorcycle Space Aliens[…]