Motorcycle Wave

The Motorcycle Wave – What’s There to Say?

I’VE BEEN SAYING TO MYSELF FOR YEARS I WOULD NOT WRITE ABOUT THE MOTORCYCLE “WAVE.” On the one hand – at least in North America – it’s a fine symbol of the brotherhood experienced by riders of all ages, races, religions, creeds, socioeconomic backgrounds, etc. On the other hand, it can be tiring in areas Read more about The Motorcycle Wave – What’s There to Say?[…]

motorcycle tip over

Rider Control When Stopped – or Not (Video)

HOW OFTEN DO YOU DROP YOUR MOTORCYCLE? I don’t mean crash it, although that would certainly be a pertinent answer. In this instance, I simply mean dropping it while you’ve stopped, or while riding very slowly. One example would be pulling up to a stop sign and putting your foot down on some loose sand, Read more about Rider Control When Stopped – or Not (Video)[…]

Motorcycle Accident

He Said, “I’ll Never Ride a Motorcycle Again”

FELLOW MOTORCYCLISTS GET SMASHED ON THE PAVEMENT EVERY DAY. And many live to tell about it.  This morning I learned that one of my neighbors, a young 21-year-old rider, has been in the hospital for several days and is expected to remain there for another 2 weeks, before he can go home for a projected Read more about He Said, “I’ll Never Ride a Motorcycle Again”[…]

Stereotypical Biker

Are You A Stereotypical Motorcyclist?

MOTORCYCLISTS ARE A MINORITY ON THE ROAD.  And amongst the majority of motorists who view motorcycles from inside their cars, there seems to be a few stereotypes accorded those of us on two wheels.  What stereotypes have you been labeled? But first, let’s visit the dictionary. Stereotype from the American Heritage Dictionary is defined as Read more about Are You A Stereotypical Motorcyclist?[…]


Take the 2 Minute Motorcycle Personality Test

Take the free Twisted Grip Motorcycle Personality Test and check out your personality analysis – all in 2 minutes. There are six questions, with multiple-choice answers (you can only select one answer per question). Your instant personality results may surprise you. You may find the analysis insightful, entertaining, or amusing. On the other hand, some Read more about Take the 2 Minute Motorcycle Personality Test[…]

Helmet Safety Spectrum

Motorcycle Safety Ain’t For All Riders

WHERE ARE YOU ON THE SPECTRUM OF MOTORCYCLE SAFETY? If you are reading this, it could be presumed that you have some level of interest in motorcycle safety. But in my experience, what that means in terms of “how much” or “how little” you routinely demonstrate the “best practices” of rider safety may vary considerably. Read more about Motorcycle Safety Ain’t For All Riders[…]

Long Term Rider

What Are Common Motorcycle Rider Characteristics?

HOW SIMILAR OR DIFFERENT ARE YOU, COMPARED TO OTHER RIDERS? Over the years, non-motorcycle riders have asked me to express common traits among motorbike riders that I’ve observed. But I’ve been hard pressed to identify truly universal common rider attributes – other than a love of motorcycles and riding. Perhaps you know of some that Read more about What Are Common Motorcycle Rider Characteristics?[…]

Motorcycle Camping

Motorcycle Camping (From An Old Dog)

MOTORCYCLE CAMPING SURE DOESN’T SEEM LIKE IT SHOULD BE FOR EVERYONE. But it might be right for you! Well, I am a bit biased. I’ve been motorcycle camping for a long time and I’ve camped all over North America. Which, in my case, is a good and bad thing. The good part is that I Read more about Motorcycle Camping (From An Old Dog)[…]