Take the 2 Minute Motorcycle Personality Test

motorcycle-personality-testTake the free Twisted Grip Motorcycle Personality Test and check out your personality analysis – all in 2 minutes.

There are six questions, with multiple-choice answers (you can only select one answer per question).

Your instant personality results may surprise you. You may find the analysis insightful, entertaining, or amusing. On the other hand, some might possibly be insulted. Hey, there are all kinds of riders in the world!

Do you dare find out how you stack up as a motorcyclist?

Take the test, get your results, and post a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Take the 2 Minute Motorcycle Personality Test

  • What ever about riding in snow with nobblies tires but riding in ice… surely you’d need spikes on tires… I’ve seen them on ice speedway but never say them in road use

  • We moan about the constant rain here in Ireland but if doesn’t stop play even through the winter with the exception of maybe a week or two of really cold weather we’re biking all year round.

  • Here in the Province of Quebec , Canada, we have a law for winter tires from December 15 to March 15. Of course no winter tires for motorcycle.(at least with the logo they require).So i ride from march to dec. except if there is snow on the road . When the roads are dry even at 10 degrees , i’ll be out but not on a big trip ,because of the risk of getting stranded for months in a place. I still need to work. But to ride around, i have different clothing outfit and rain gear so i enjoy it as much as i can. To live in the USA i would have no cars and several bikes. …….Guess that’s why i’m a lonewolf……
    Take care and enjoy life while you can……

  • I don’t ride in the snow or ice, but I ride untill snow or ice is on the road, and I am back out as soon as its a couple of degrees above freezing so that the ice or snow has a chance to melt. I will ride untill the temperature drops below 15 degrees. Then I wait for a warm up.

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