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Motorcycle IntelligenceMay 17, 2015: I HATE IT WHEN WEBSITES CHANGE!  Well, actually, that’s a strong statement.  Personally, I don’t hate it when websites get updated, but I’m not usually overjoyed.  However, I have heard from a number of other people in the past who want me to know that THEY hate it when websites change!

Anyway, so be it: not everyone likes it when things evolve. Regardless, it does need to happen now and then.  Some of the reasons (and benefits) for this website update are listed below.

But the fact that it’s been just over six years since it was at least given a facelift is evidence enough that such was needed, since, per my understanding, a year of Internet time is like many years of regular time. I guess that’s supposed to reflect how fast technology evolves on the Internet.

The domain name “” was purchased in 2006, and the first article was published in Jan 2007.  It took a while before anyone was reading those earlier motorcycle ramblings.  Ultimately, readers did arrive as did reader comments.  Supposedly for any one published comment, there are about 100 other readers.  Stated another way, I have heard that a rule of thumb on the Internet is that about 1% of readers comment on articles.  I guess I could do the math for this particular site and find out if that old number holds any water, but I believe it would be less than 1%.

But the readers, subscribers and comments have increased.

And one fact that became clear was that there are some experienced and knowledgeable riders — literally around the globe — offering guidance to other riders.  Many thousands of comments later and the feedback continues.  (And that doesn’t include the gazillion spam entries that have been deleted).

OK, What Changed on the Website?

The most prominent update is the website name: is now  Anyone can still use the original website address with the hyphen in the middle and they’ll automatically be taken to the new domain.

The site has a new look, but what’s more important is the software underlying the new face.  The new website software is flexible and changes depending upon the device that the website is viewed on.  This feature is designed to provide a better experience for those that view the website on a smartphone or a tablet, but the website experience is still adjusted for the different size desktop monitors that people use, as well.

Graphics throughout the site have been updated.  In many cases, the same photos are still used with the same articles, but all the photos are now the same size.  There used to be many articles that had no graphics at all, and now all articles have at least one photo.

There’s now a Motorcycle Intelligence logo that’s visible on the top left.  I’m undecided about whether it will stay the same or change a little or go a different direction in the future.  But for now, it is what it is.

There were a few broken videos.  And by the way, to all the people who notified me of such, please accept my “thanks” for taking the time to write.  But as it turns out, those videos were not recoverable.  For those who were not able to view the videos, here are the links to the updated video content that is now converted into articles:

Motorcycle Crashes
Ride Alertly
Motorcycle Tires vs. Car Tires

As well, there’s more new content coming….

OK, What Hasn’t Changed About the Website?

All the articles are still present and more importantly, all the existing comments are part of the new website. And to state what has become obvious over the years, the “intelligence” noted in the website name is really represented by the experience and knowledge of the global motorcyclists who contribute to this site and who are the most prominent members of this community.

One More Thing…

Of course you’re welcome to offer any comments below, good or bad, about the updated website. But one thing that I’d be interested in knowing is your thoughts on “comment moderation.” Up to this point, the comments have mostly not been moderated — other than deleting spam. Much of the feedback on the site is helpful and productive. Yet there are certain comments that could be argued are more argumentative than helpful, even if they might include some witticisms and entertainment value, albeit with some acerbic notes.

I have read articles on comment moderation that state that if comments degenerate to a level of personal insult then such feedback pushes away other commenters that might be inclined towards more civil discourse. On the other hand, there’s the consideration that once there is any level of moderation, it represents censorship. A middle ground suggests publishing comment guidelines, but even so, there are people who would make a game out of testing the boundaries of those guidelines. And if moderating comments isn’t enough extra work already, then attempting to determine what fits the guidelines and what doesn’t just makes managing such a site less enjoyable.

What are your thoughts and/or suggestions on comment moderation?

Would you offer more feedback if the site did have more clearly established guidelines?

13 thoughts on “New Launched

  • Some posters are annoying, Dan comes to mind. I skip over his rants. Moderation is not my first choice but I will understand if needed.

  • I’m very glad to see your back! i enjoy the site and the articles. Very informative!

  • The only thing about in the past was posts were too infrequent. Glad you are still finding the effort rewarding. Regarding comment moderation, if someone is behaving like a jerk (your blog, your definition), they better be super clever, or off with their virtual head.

  • i wish you luck.i always enjoy motorcycle about something on my honda vtx 1800

  • I’m with Pablo-I enjoy reading views on riding, bikes, etc. Glad to have you back.
    Steve B.

  • Has anyone brought their motorcycle to Europe from North America ? I live in Vancouver, B.C. Was it worth it ? I’m looking to travel to Europe next year and I’m either going to look at bringing my motorcycle or rent while there. I’ll be starting in London, head to the Isle Man and then meander through France, Spain & Portugal. Some of the rental places I’ve checked out only have adventure type bikes to which I’m not really all that interested in. I prefer smaller bikes, which is the reason why I was thinking about bringing my own Honda VFR.

  • Yeah keep this thing going. I’ve only been a member for a couple of months, and the safety newsletters are awesome. Plus I am a new rider, so all the advice from experienced riders really helps.

  • Hi. Yes I like Fred’s comment. “Moderate moderation is ok, in moderation.” LoL . The one thing I dont like is when a comment attracts insults. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I was reading a forum the other day where someone asked if a certain part of Ireland was in the UK and people were slagging him off for asking what they classed as a ‘stupid Question’. Not everyone is a geography expert and I wouldn’t have known the answer to it myself. So no one knows everything about everything and no one should be ridiculed for asking any question at all and if someone does post insults etc. their post should be taken down. Cheers, I rest my case 🙂

  • Welcome back! I was missing you and the advice of experienced riders, all of them my “brothers” in the enjoyment of two-wheeled travel.

  • Moderate moderation is ok, in moderation. There is always the twit who is trolling about and posts outrageous comments and if offensive they should go.

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