Motorcycle Highway

“What’s a Decent Highway Motorcycle?”

“I NEED A MOTORCYCLE THAT CAN HANDLE BIG-ROAD TRAFFIC.” A reader asked me the above question (in the subject line). She has already been riding two other bikes, so this wouldn’t be her first. My answer comprises the rest of this post, but I’d be more interested in your views of how to select a Read more about “What’s a Decent Highway Motorcycle?”[…]

Motorcycle Touring Tips

Motorcycle Touring Tips and Suggestions

WHAT ARE YOUR MOTORCYCLE TOURING SUGGESTIONS? A friend of mine just bought a new motorcycle (he’s been riding off and on for many years) and will be taking a trip with his wife and asked my advice regarding motorcycle security on the road; best gear for touring through mountains with variable temperatures and unpredictable rain; Read more about Motorcycle Touring Tips and Suggestions[…]

2008 Kawasaki Concours

Kawasaki Concours14: “Motorcycle of the Year”

It’s been about a year since the completely new Kawasaki Concours14 (4 cylinder, 1400cc) was released to the public for the first time — if it seems to you it’s been longer than that, it’s because it was “announced” in 2006. So how has this Concours14 been received in its first year? To be concise: Read more about Kawasaki Concours14: “Motorcycle of the Year”[…]