MV Augusta F4CC: Most Expensive Production Motorcycle

MV Augusta F4CCWhat would you build for yourself and a few friends if you ran a motorcycle manufacturing facility?

If you were Claudio Castiglioni, Managing Director of Italian manufacturer MV Augusta, think in terms of speed, exotic components, more speed, and lots and lots of carbon fiber.

The end product?

An MV Augusta F4CC — 90 percent of which is fabricated by hand — maximizing strength and minimizing weight. (By the way, the “CC” in “F4CC” represent Claudio’s initials).

This limited edition, 1078cc motorcycle is powerful enough that it’s electronically limited to go no faster than 195.6 mph, since the tires can’t handle anything more inspiring. Hmmmmm, can you fathom any reason why we don’t have street-legal tires rated faster than that?

At $120,000, this is the most expensive production bike ever built, and with only 100 manufactured, this creation cries for ownership of at least two: one for the garage and one for the living room.

And just in case you were wondering what else came with this nearly 200 horsepower machine weighing only 411 pounds, be assured each new owner will also receive a special edition Girard-Perregaux wristwatch. Only 100 have been produced and they are numbered 1 through 100 that correspond to the bike’s owner. There is also a superior quality Turussadi Italian leather jacket that goes with each purchase.

Now that creates a problem. What will you do with two watches?

2 thoughts on “MV Augusta F4CC: Most Expensive Production Motorcycle

  • . . .in this world its so good to know there are still Claudio Castiglionis and somewhere a Bentley GT Supersport with a motorcycle trailer.

  • the ultimate yuppie machine
    would love to have one but couldant afford the ins!
    maybe hawk the spare watch eh

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