Teach Your Dirtbike How to Ski

2 Moto Rogue 650Snow bikes? How about converting your own dirt bike to a power sled or buying one ready for the white stuff?

Both are ways to extend your riding entertainment all year around.

2moto, based in Idaho, gives you the choice of buying their ready-to-ride +$12K “Ultimate Snow bikes” or converting your dirt bike with their +$4K kits.

Their “Radix” kit converts your dirt bike for snow flight by replacing the front and rear wheels with a forward ski and a rubberized snowmobile-like track on the back.

Their ready-to-ride “Rogue” comes equipped with a 650cc, 4-stroke, four-valve OHC engine, as well as the front ski and rear track awaiting a rider’s command.

2Moto vice-president of sales and marketing, Brett Blaser, told Snowmobile.com “We didn’t design the snow bikes to compete or really even compare with snowmobiles; it’s just the logical thing that everybody compares us to.”

Blaser went on say the snow bikes perform just as well as snowmobiles and can take riders places that traditional sleds can’t, “It’s lighter, it’s quicker and you can go more places.”

Check out their online videos – it sure as heck looks like a lot of fun!

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