Harley Davidson VRSCAW/A V-Rod

2008 Harley Davidson VRSCAW AV-RodIntroduced in 2001, the V-Rod family is manufactured for riders in tune to a different roadway rhythm, at least compared to Harley’s more traditional lineup of its internationally famous cruisers.

Arguably the most unique offering from HD, this series of bikes is a statement that stakes a claim against Japanese muscle bikes that have dutifully copied, and perhaps improved upon, the HD cruiser theme. V-Rods make use of an engine developed jointly with Porsche, which, for the first time in Harley’s long and remarkable history, incorporates fuel injection, overhead cams, and liquid cooling.

For 2008, Harley has added anti-lock braking as a factory installed option on all V-Rod (and touring) bikes. The 08 V-Rods also include a new 121 horsepower, 1250cc Revolution power plant and slipper clutch. The V-Rod starts at $16,695, and the 105th Anniversary trim seen here starts at $17,465.

Cruisers are not my first choice of motorbike transportation, but I do like to get on one now and again to mosey along the pavement. I took this one out for a stroll and did find the ride to be smoother and more comfortable than the signature HD vibrations that are part and parcel to the HD experience. I respect Harley for expanding their base of motorbike offerings, but I must confess, that for a company fervently revered for its classical motorcycle heritage, I maintain a bias for the more time-honored Harleys.

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  • Great question, Bryan.
    Since there are several USA facilities that Harley bikes can be manufactured at, it’s hard to know what’s made where. Anyway, here is what the Harley website says about their Missouri facility: “Kansas City employees produce the Sportster®, Dyna® and VRSCâ„¢ families of motorcycles from fabrication and finishing through final assembly to include the liquid-cooled Revolution® powertrain for the VRSC V-Rod.” MCg

  • Hey Y’all,
    New to this site, vrod is new bike for me. Having had all types of bikes thru the years, Yamas, Hondas big and small and Harleys (full dresser since 2005) this lil bike is different. Very similar to my old Honda VTX1300, but fits my vertically limited body.
    Equipped with removable windshield, nylon saddles, sissy bar and better passenger seat for my co-payer on this thing, its looks like a mini dresser (somewhat)?
    Great fun to ride, lots of torque at all speeds and stable. Will need to get more miles on it to determine mechanical aspects. Coming off the Ultra you can imagine the learning curve on this one. The foward reach controls will have to go, but for now they are do-able.
    Not readily accepted by the “Harley Community” so it appears, but since I’m more or less a loaner, that does not bother me much. The point is to find a bike that fits well and you want to drive. This is one of maybe three I’ve owned in my longer-than-should-have-been life. A 2001 Gold Wing and the 2005 Ultra Classic where the other two. Now that I’m up there a wee bit in the years, I appreciate the 300lbs. less this bike has over the Ultra … and probably why I jump on it for any reason … even making up an excuse to go somewhere.
    Very smooth excelleration thru the whole power band, whimpy sounding exhaust (my wifes says if I changeover to a-la-Rineharts again she will cut my gas card up, but comfortable for a long ride, and not the fastest thing out there (Yama V-max) but gosh-darn-fun to run!
    Will update on the mechanical as the miles roll on till the coming snow here in Wisconsin land … which could be anytime now.
    Darn .. I got to go ride!

    Ride safe y’all … have fun!


  • Hi Steve, The V-Rod Revolution engine is based on the VR-1000 Superbike race program, developed by HD’sPowertrain Engineering team and Porsche Engineering in Stuttgart, Germany. MCG

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