A Motorcyclist Gives Thanks

motorcycleFor those of you reading this outside of North America, today is a traditional holiday held in the United States, on the third Thursday of every November. Most businesses and schools are closed to mark the occasion. Families and friends join together to feast, and celebrate “thanks” for what’s good in their lives.

As a well-traveled, avid motorcyclist, I wish to express thanks to all the wonderful riders and non-riders (truckers, car drivers, hikers, waitresses, park rangers, service station attendants, hotel staff, motorcycle dealers, and everyone else), who have made my trips all-the-more enjoyable, educational, and sometimes entertaining.

Mostly I want to express thanks to the camaraderie of motorcycle riders whom, around the globe, help and look after each other while making the travels of other women and men in the brotherhood just a little more friendly. If only the rest of the world could share the same perspective — we would certainly live in a better world.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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