Alternative Air Pressure Monitoring Methods for Your Motorcycle

Tire Pressure CheckOr, stated differently, how low is your tire pressure right now?

HEY! I know you’re busy. You’ve got this and that and all the more to do. And on top of that, you’re running late…again!

So, who has time to check air pressure? Besides, those darn valves on your motorcycle tires are a pain in the butt to access! I HATE those things! However, just to be safe, let’s try to remember to check the tire pressure tomorrow….

In the mean time, here are some ways to monitor your tire pressure without becoming inconvenienced by bending over with an air pressure gauge while near an air pump:

1) Visually inspect your tires. If you can see that a tire is only partially deflated you’ll know that you can probably make it through another day.

2) While riding, when you can feel a little bit of “wheel wobble,” slow down so that you are only going a civilized amount of MPH over the speed limit, and make a mental note to put air in the tires one of these days.

3) Wait until someone on the road points to your tires and yells that you need air.

4) Wait until you crash. The tow truck will probably have an air compressor and you can fill the tires while the bike is on its side.

BONUS: Points 1-3 all are reliable ways to result in point 4.

NOTE: The most common cause for tire failure is improper tire pressure — usually pressure that’s too low.

MOTORCYCLE SAFETY TIP: Most motorcycle tire safety experts recommend checking your tire pressure and tread condition at least once a week. Some even advise that every time you take your bike out is not too often. After all, on a bike, unlike a car, only two tires — and little else — separate you from the pavement. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your tires are roadworthy each and every time you ride.

So…when will YOU have time to check your motorcycle tire pressure?

59 thoughts on “Alternative Air Pressure Monitoring Methods for Your Motorcycle

  • WOW – you had me going there for minute!! As I was quickly scanning through the article and read #1 I almost fell off my computer chair & hit my head on the keyboard!!! Then I realized YOU WERE TRYING TO BE FUNNY. LOL. Good one.

  • I purchased a doran 360M full- time direct tire monitoring system last year, and had my mechanic install it on my 2012 Moto Guzzi Norge.
    It’s a great way to keep tabs on your tire pressure without having to unscrew the valve stem covers and take a reading. That being said you should always visually check the tires before each ride. The system cost about $200 , but I like being able to check the tire pressure at a glance, and know that while I’m riding if the pressure drops I’ll get a warning.

  • Replacing air with nitrogen will pretty much eliminate the pressure variance due to temp change.

  • Two things:

    1. got caught a month, or so, ago when heading out on a ride and checked everything but didn’t notice my rear “Battleax” was down to the canvas. Would have been embaressed if I wasn’t so relieved that I didn’t find out the hard way. One of our riders ALWAYS goes over every bike and lets the owners know if there is a problem. Rightly reckons it is easier and cheaper to do this a) with a fresh set of eyes and b) at the meeting point.

    2. A trick for checking with big hubs is that you can (particularly on the rear) put the air hose through the hub to the valve on the rim…

  • It’s part of my week-end routine. Check both bikes, the cars then the truck. There’s always one tire somewhere a bit low. I ride most days and like the peace of mind. Befor a long ride, I ALWAYS check and have never had a tire issue and want to keep it that way.

  • streetbob is right I ride a KTM and a BMW both react differently to tire pressure loss but a little over steer is a sure sign at low speed and lots of little feelings at high speed. If you are in tune with your wheels a good rider will know right away!

  • I have TPM on my BMW Tire pressure motoring system. Would not ride with out again. If the pressure drops 1 pound , I see it. It is amazing to see the tire pressure go up and down with the heat. It”s just plain safer to ride with TPM!.

  • If you ride your scoot everyday, you can feel even the slightest “abnormality” even a tire shy of a few pounds. You really don’t have to get all technical with tire pressure spending all that money on the latest “new products” stop and add air, problem solved. Just my take on it……to each his own, good luck suckers

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