Do The Twist: CA Route 245

CA Rt 245The northern stretch of California State Route 245 is not for those inclined towards bouts of vertigo.

Starting near Kings Canyon National Park in Central California, this road cascades down and down while twisting and turning its way along the western slope of the Sierra Nevadas, ultimately mellowing out by the time it cuts through the city of Woodlake.

“Twisting and turning”?

Well, let’s say that’s all it does — twists and turns — for 31 miles.

It’ll be difficult not to wear more rubber off the sides of your tires than along the main circumference. And if you are just a little adventurous, expect to be dragging hard parts on both sides of your bike.

It’s pretty rural, so there’s not lots of traffic, but be on the lookout for anything that comes around one of a gazillion blind corners. Especially trucks. Whenever I get the sense that the road’s all mine it seems some commercial or agricultural vehicle the size of Mt. Whitney comes lumbering its way around the next corner, getting too cozy with my side of the double yellow line.

Fun road. But like everywhere else…ride safe.

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