Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Canyon Road, Theodore Roosevelt National ParkNorth Dakota is the northern most state in the Great Plains but it sure isn’t all flat. There’s some fine motorcycle riding in many parts of the state, and one of the most accessible gems is Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The park is comprised of a Northern and Southern “unit,” about 80 miles from each other. Both parts of the park have hiking, camping, horse trails and some enchanting scenic drives. There is also a third part between the two, the Elkhorn Ranch unit, which comprises the land that Roosevelt owned.

Roosevelt ranched the area for two years following 1884, when both his wife and mother passed away, and he headed west to recover in these North Dakota badlands. As history notes, Roosevelt went into politics and forever associated himself with the vanishing frontier as well as the life of the cowboy and rancher.

Ride along these meandering roads amidst the North Dakota badlands and you’ll very likely see buffalo, prairie dogs, deer and wild horses. And better yet, you’ll likely recover from anything that ails you.

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